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Symptoms of pancreatitis

I just got out of the hospital a couple days ago after a very unpleasant 6 day stay for acute pancreatitis.
I had never heard of it before.
Started in the morning as a minor pain in my upper abdomen.
I was in the hospital by 6 pm that evening.
Thought I would post some of the symptoms here in case it might happen to someone else.
When it starts feeling like you are being eaten alive from the inside out, you are.
It is then time to go to the hospital.
I am purposely not including a link to the source of this article because I refuse to follow songuns ridiculous, made up, imaginary "rule" that everyone must post a link to the source of every article they post.
I am sick of that whiny little twit screeching "Source????????? Source????????"
Anyway, here are some symptoms to look out for and in my case anyway, they came on very rapidly.
Hope you never get it and if you do, I hope this may help you avoid further pain or possible loss of life.

Acute Pancreatitis Symptoms
In many cases, symptoms of acute pancreatitis begin with upper abdominal pain that may last for a few days. Someone with acute pancreatitis often looks and feels very sick. Other signs and symptoms may include a swollen and tender abdomen, nausea, vomiting, fever, and rapid pulse.

Signs and Symptoms of Acute Pancreatitis: An Overview
Acute pancreatitis usually begins with pain in the upper abdomen that may last for a few days. The pain may be severe and may become constant -- just in the abdomen -- or it may reach to the back and other areas. It may be sudden and intense or begin as a mild pain that gets worse when food is eaten. Someone with acute pancreatitis symptoms often looks and feels very sick.

Other Acute Pancreatitis Symptoms
Other symptoms may include:

* Tender and swollen abdomen
* Nausea
* Vomiting
* Rapid pulse
* Fever.

Severe Symptoms
If severe symptoms of acute pancreatitis develop, they may include:

* Low blood pressure
* Dehydration
* Heart, lung, or kidney failure
* Loss of life.

These possible acute pancreatitis symptoms are not sure signs of pancreatitis. Other health problems can also cause a number of these symptoms. Anyone with these symptoms should see a doctor as soon as possible. Only a qualified healthcare professional can diagnose and treat the problem.

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By: Tongueboy
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