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"Rape of Nanking, Nanjing Massacre: Atrocities in Asia" (Part 2/2)

Japanese invasion and ethnic cleansing of the Chinese during WW2. Went on a massive rape/killing spree.

"This documentary is based on 20 years research and consists entirely of archival photos and film-clips. This film begins with an overview of Japan and China at the beginning of the 20th Century, explains the mind-set of the Japanese and their God, Hirohito, and then continues with the invasion of China, the crimes committed by the Japanese (during the Fall) on the road to Nanjing, Nanjing Massacre, the rape of the Philipines, Unit 731, the Baatan death camps, Japanese denials, and the dropping of the A-bomb on Japan.

The purpose of this film is educational, and to explain the mind-set that led to a horrible crime: the torture and murder of 280,000 civilians by Japanese soldiers who took great pleasure in raping, bayonetting, beheading and burning people alive. We wish to emphasize: These crimes took place throughout Asia, and the Japanese planned the same for the White races as well, including America.

Those who do not learn from the past, are condemned to repeat it. The purpose of this film is, thus, educational. We have no hatred for the Japanese people.

This documentary is an independent production. We are not associated with and never received any financial help from the Chinese government or any group or organization. The film is completely independent. We have no political motives. We have no purpose and no other goal other than to create an interesting, provocative, educational movie that speaks to the mind and intellect, and which can speak to the heart and one'e emotions.

Credits: The English edition is narrated by Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D.. The film was produced, written, and edited by Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D. Additional Credits: Music. The musical soundtrack (all music is identified at the end of the film) was arranged and selected by R. Joseph, Ph.D., and was reproduced in this film courtesy of Arc Music Productions Int., LTD, United Kingdom; Nonsuch Records, Warner Music Group, Rhino Entertainment, New York. Sony Classical Music, New York.

Ted Leonsis also known as Leonsis the liar: Don't be fooled by fat pig Leonsis. Leonsis lard ass has lied to the world about his film and why he made it. He made it after reading our marketing plan and watching our film. He then began a campaign of lies, falsely claiming he decided to make his film when he read of Iris Chang's death in the summer of 2005. Sorry, Lard Ass. She died in the fall of 2004."

Rape of Nanking, Atrocities in Asia, website


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