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"The Prince of Punany" McHenry Cruiser answers the question of the Day:
I have been married for a few years now. I love my wife dearly. Our sex life is good. I have a foot fetish. I like to receive a foot job while she wears stockings. She has done this for me a few times now, but she really doesn't enjoy it she has complained while she has done it before and she thinks it is weird, She also doesn't let me finish while she is doing it, this is something I would really like to do. She is not very adventurous. Would it be ok if I went to a "provider" just for this fetish and nothing else? Would that be a really terrible thing? This is something I really would like to do. This would be a one time thing. I could see a fight develop if I push the issue with her. She is not a very sexually adventurous person. She doesnt even touch my penis with her hands. I think it grosses her out. I think talking about it will only lead to a fight. I think she is also afraid of cum. I do love her the regular sex is good. Just want to get this one awesome footjob and be done with it. I think I will be satisfied with that. It's not like I would be having actual sex with the provider. I am not looking for that. After we got married I thought she would get more adventurous but that never really happened.

Added: Dec-31-2011 Occurred On: Dec-31-2011
By: Mchenry Cruiser
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