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Evolution science: When all else fails, we manufacture the evidence.

Ro 1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

Trillions of fossils are present in the fossil record and billions of specimens have been collected, but none lend credence to the Darwiniam paradigm of MACRO evolution, or the idea that all the species evolved from a common ancestor.

The entire fossil record can be grouped into a relatively small group of historical and present species featuring only micro changes by mechanisms of adaptation that are part of the genetic code, or the mutation and recombination of DNA to produce relatively small changes in the species.

If Macro evolution were true the entire fossil record should be evenly distributed to reflect every micro intermediate change from the common ancestor to every other species, and billions of fossils should be found reflecting every micro change for every living organism, from the common ancestor to every current form, as Darwin himself had suggested in his time.

To get around this problem, the evolutionists have carefully manufactured a number mythical intermediate forms centered around a number of carefully conceived frauds mainly from fossil fragments in order to fill the fossil record with the missing links. A single skull of unknown origin migh be used to create a whole new species of anima in this wayl, for example.

These are then presented to the general public not by archeological fossil evidence but by crafty sketches, artist renderings, plastic models and skeletons, and computer generated virtual images and animations that we see in our museums, textbooks, and on the discovery channel every day.

Archeoptrix, or the best example typically presented by evolutionists to support their theory, has long been accepted to be 100% bird by the majority of paleontologists, and has long been discredited as evidence of the missing links supporting macro evolution; not to mention that billions of such examples should be found.

Financial support is provided by special interest groups to all institutions involved in the evolution paradigm under the mandate of either finding or producing and manufacturing evidence to promote and support the Darwinian myth.

Such findings are then deceitfully presented as conforming to some proven scientific method when nothing could be further from the truth. The conclusions presented by the science of geology, archeology, paleontology, genetics, and physics supporting the MACRO evolutionary propaganda hoax are all equally preposterous.

Our ability to manufacture evidence supporting macro evolution is limited only by the "credulity" of our audience, one evolution evidence fabricator admits.

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