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Anonymous' response to Anonymous:Hate Crimes

Well, listening to the criticisms of my last video, I feel this one is a bit superior. I worked less on the wording because I had to get it out on a time schedule, and I think the background music is cliche'd, but eh. I think you'll be interested to see what me and the rest of the pixel jockeys dug up from their slip-up.

Complete(Yes, accurate) script below.
In the past week, a youtube user called "AnonymousFacts" posted the official $cientology 'report' on Anonymous.
The Scientologist account has published one video thus far.
The name of this mistake: Anonymous: Hate Crimes.

The video contained claims of bomb threats, arsen threats, and illegal operations.
Harassing phone calls and emails were precision-counted to the ones place.
Anonymous was accused of ten acts of vandalism.
Curiously, these acts of vandalism never did make the news.

In the video, four clips from Anonymous' various messages are shown, including one confirmed to have been black propaganda.
In this fourth clip, a nation-wide bomb threat aaginst CoS buildings is issued.
To quote the video: "This will be the largest terrorist attack on a religion in history."
However, there are two obvious problems with this statement:
Anonymous does not consider itself a terrorist group, the second, is that Scientology is not a religion.

That was not the only problem with the message in question, let's take a look at its history.

The video surfaced near the beginning of March, give or take a week.
Anonymous members stumbled upon it and promptly reported it to youtube and federal authorities.
Within hours of being posted, the offending video was taken down by authorities, but not before several Anonymous saved it to their hard drives.
In the video, the speaker claims to be "an elite Anonymous".
However, Anonymous is a loose collective of kindred spirits, we do not have "elite","leaders", or a power structure, as traditional groups do.

Jump ahead to March 14th, copies of a DVD entitled "Anonymous: Hate Crimes" begin to circulate among the public.
This was the largest mistake to date the Church of Scientology has made in regards to Anonymous.
They have metaphorically shot themselves in the foot with a double barelled, twelve-guage shotgun.

This DVD contained the same propaganda video seen on Youtube beforehand.
The DVD version is at 480p resolution, and conforms to NTSC framerate, which is approximately thirty frames per second.
Curiously enough, the clip from the aforementioned black propaganda was present in beautiful DVD quality.
---------------BEGIN STILL COMPARISON--------
Here is a still comparison of the two at the same frame in playback.
Though you cannot see it here, the framerate of the original was a bit jittery and it lagged periodically.
It was very obvious.
The DVD version was nice and smooth.
The colors were richer, and there were no obvious signs of it ever being compressed. For upload to youtube, or any other streaming service.
This new DVD version was at a different pixel count and aspect ratio than the original youtube video.
Though it is hard to see in a still comparison,
the ugly horizontal lacing of the original is replaced with a new, crisp horizontal line effect, and the smoke effects are curiously absent.
-------------END STILL COMPARISON-----------

Are things starting to fall together yet?
In order for them to have a high quality version of the video posted to youtube, they would have to have made it in the first place!
No amount of digital enhancement would produce results good enough to produce the tremendous quality difference witnessed here.

If you find this all hard to believe, go to wikipedia and search for Operation PC Freakout.
They have staged bomb threats against themselves before, so why not now?

Educate yourselves,
These are the facts.

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Added: Mar-16-2008 
By: ChanologySpeaker
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