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Hundreds rally for Tulsa PD Capt. Paul Fields/Oppose sharia? MI state rep.: "racism at it's core"

mascara wearing, mass grave harboring, tin pot dictator Qaddaffi, whom all of Europe could not depose without US help, PERSONALLY REQUESTED ohio anti-gun scumbag senator Dennis Kucinich to save him politically, paying all of his costs. Kucinich was eliminated in Ohio and is now trying to run in my state WA, speaking recently at HempFest with the seattle mayor.

The Gaddafi Files: Congressman Dennis Kucinich Sought To Help Dictator’s Image; Ex-US Diplomat Was Secretly Advising Gaddafi


Gaddafi asked Kucinich to help save him


Kucinich weighs run for Congress in Washington state With his Ohio seat in jeopardy due to redistricting, Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich is fanning rumors of a possible 2012 run in Washington state.
Rep. Dennis Kucinich fuels speculation that he'll run in Washington state

Kucinich, Losing District, Looks Very Far Afield


Washington state Democrats to Dennis Kucinich: Don’t run here


Dennis Kucinich Would Make a Better Congressman in Libya than Washington State

Islamic Spring… Libyan Rebels Release Hundreds of Pro-Al-Qaeda Militants From Prison (Video)


@AlArabiya_Eng Al Arabiya English BRK: Saadi Qaddafi says his father seeks role in govt with rebels #Libya #Saadi 31 Aug via web

Qadhafi: Let Libya burn


US confirms al Qaeda members' role in rebel command. Qaddafi contacts them




Rally for police captain in support
Tulsa ---

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in downtown Tulsa – upset about action taken against a Tulsa Police captain.

The rally was in support of Captain Paul Fields

He was suspended for two weeks in June for refusing an order to send his officers to a law enforcement appreciation day at a local mosque.

A counter-rally by another group was also held at the same time in support of the Muslim community.

With posters in hand and flags waiving, the demonstrators say they believe Fields’ constitutional rights were violated, after he refused to obey an order earlier this year.

“He stood up to them and said no he was not going to do it and he wasn't going to make his men do it and so he was reprimanded for that,” says Ronda Vuillemont-Smith - President of the Tulsa 9/12 Project.

Several demonstrators even came from out of state.

“We decided to drive here. These things are not very popular politically or socially and that's why I think this political correctness rolls over people like a steamroller, because people are just afraid to stand up,” says demonstrator George Bahash.

The group marched from Chapman Centennial Green Park to City Hall where they were met by demonstrators from Tulsa’s Say No to Hate Coalition.

“The Muslims in our community are all fantastic people who do a lot for our community so that's what we're upset about...them deciding to just bash an entire group of people and we won't stand for it,” says Joshua Oaks with the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice.

A petition was handed over to the city asking for Fields’ record to be restored.

Afterwards, members of “Say No to Hate” pulled out brooms and began sweeping the area.

“We're going to be sweeping and mopping the hate away,” says Oaks.

In response to the day’s events, the city sent us this statement.
“Captain Fields switched division and shifts --- He is currently in the Mingo Division- Night Shift and was with the Riverside Division-Evening Shift. His pay and rank stayed the same.”

The city says its legal department will take a look at the petition that was delivered and proceed as necessary.

Right now, the city is involved in an ongoing lawsuit filed by Paul Fields – claiming his First Amendment rights were violated

“Unmasking the Enemy Among Us:
Information Warfare and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

"“The enemy among us” is the Muslim Brotherhood.

For years, the Muslim Brotherhood, through its many front organizations in the U.S., has engaged in what it calls “civilization jihad,” an influential campaign of information warfare designed to deceive and co-opt elected officials, law enforcement officials, academics, and the media.

I can’t begin to tell you the stories of how successful this information warfare has been. Stories that include people losing their jobs, even at the Pentagon, because they dared to tell the truth about radical Islam.

Or how leaders from a handful of Muslim Brotherhood front organizations, organizations named as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism trial, are advising President Obama on Middle Eastern affairs.

America is beginning to wake up to the threat of sharia law. Now America must wake up to the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood."


The first, “Connect the Dots: Information Warfare 101,” is a Power Point presentation featuring ACT! for America Executive Director Guy Rodgers. As those who have attended our conferences or other public events know, Guy is a very engaging speaker who is well-versed in the connections between the ideology of radical Islam, information warfare, and terrorism.


The second is entitled “The Outlawed Brief.”

This Power Point presentation is conducted by former FBI counter-terrorism expert John Guandolo. John was a featured speaker at our 2011 National Conference and Legislative Briefing, and many attendees told our staff their only complaint was that John didn’t have two hours instead of one! John is one of America’s leading experts on the Muslim Brotherhood, and even if you are already knowledgeable in this area, I guarantee there will be new information for you in this presentation.


'How "to explain the dishonest, irrational and illogical rants coming from those opposed to our efforts to stop sharia law?

A recent example of this came in a news conference in Detroit two weeks ago. According to a Detroit News story, State Representative Rashida Tlaib (pictured at right), who is a Muslim, declared that legislation which prohibits courts from using foreign laws is…

“…racism at its core.”

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. According to Rep. Tlaib, legislation known as “American Laws for American Courts” is “racism at its core.”

According to Tlaib, this legislation, which we have succeeded in passing, with strong bi-partisan support, in Tennessee and Arizona, is “racism at its core.”

According to Tlaib, the legislation, which prevents state courts from countenancing foreign laws in areas such as family law, which would protect Muslim women from the discriminatory nature of sharia law, is “racism at its core.”

Americans are waking up to the threat of sharia—and that’s why we’re seeing a desperate push-back by people like Rep. Tlaib. A push-back that is disingenuous and thoroughly devoid of fact and logic.

For instance, how can opposition to a theo-political law system such as sharia be “racist”? Sharia isn’t a “race.” Islam isn’t a “race.”


hundreds of people attended our rally in Tulsa on behalf of Captain Paul Fields. The news story below, with a picture of Guy Rodgers speaking at the rally, was one of over a half dozen news stories covering the event.

After the rally, Rodgers delivered the ACT! for America petition, signed by over 53,000 people, to Mayor Dewey Bartlett.

Yes, there were counter-demonstrators, organized by a group calling itself the “Say No To Hate” Coalition. Visit here to see the Fox 23 News story and video of the rally and the counter-demonstration.

Rodgers’ message at the rally was straightforward: Captain Fields was given an unlawful order to attend a “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day” that included observing the local mosque’s Friday prayers and attending a class in Islamic doctrines—an order that violated his constitutional rights.

Rodgers asked:

Do you believe, in today’s politically correct culture, that a police chief, in Tulsa or anywhere else for that matter, would force a Muslim officer to attend Christian services and classes as part of a “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day”?

Rodgers went on to state that he would agree with a Muslim police officer who refused an order to attend such an event, as this would be a violation of the Muslim’s rights—in the same way that Fields’ rights were violated.

As for the counter-demonstrators, they did not address the message of the rally, that the rights of Captain Fields were violated.

This is typical. Our opponents rarely, if ever, speak to the substance of our concerns. Instead, they name call and engage in character assassination—in the name of tolerance, of course.

Apparently, in their politically correct worldview, standing up for the constitutional rights of a police officer constitutes “hate.”

Downtown rally for Tulsa cop

Glenn Schroeder

By Glenn Schroeder

Hundreds rally downtown for a Tulsa Police Captain who they feel was wronged because of political correctness.

Paul Fields disobeyed an order to send officers to a law enforcement appreciation event at the Al Salam Mosque in Tulsa. For that infraction, Fields was suspended for two weeks.

Tuesday’s rally was organized by the group Act for America. Guy Rodgers is the organization’s Executive Director.

He has a message for Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett and Police Chief Chuck Jordan: “Before you lose in court do the right thing now and show the people of Tulsa that you’re listening to them.”

Rodgers argued “This is all about respect for the constitution, respect for the rule of law, and it’s about respect for the rights of a law enforcement officer who was given an unlawful order.”

Those attending a counter-rally would probably beg to differ. Said one woman wearing a Say No to Hate t-shirt: “I think it’s amazing that so many Oklahomans that purport that they are Christians, have such hate in their hearts."

Mana Tahaie is Director of Racial Justice at the YWCA and a member of Tulsa’s Say No to Hate Coalition: “We know that Act for America is very strategic about using opportunities in communities to gin up Islamophobia.”

Last winter Fields was told by his superiors to send some of his officers to an open house at the mosque. He responded by saying he felt the order was unlawful and was against his personal religious beliefs.

Islamist Killer Says Hollywood Film “Redacted” Motivated Him to Slaughter US Soldiers


[color=#ff99ff" size="7]NEWS DUMP:[/color]

sidenote: notice that Assad's killers moved into the neighborhoods to slaughter, right after the UN inspection team departed?

Cable: UN Peacekeepers Traded Food for Sex


New FEMA criteria for measuring hurricane strength: the Waffle House scale.

doesn't count if it's female and dem

Good Grief… Liberal Wisconsin Justice Reportedly Assaulted Another Justice in 2008
you're supposed to hire security to get shot for you,0,2647732.story

Seminole sheriff pays $3.2M to $40M Lotto winner shot by deputies Two deputies opened fire on Robert G. Swofford Jr. five years ago.
Fincher, Luty...history repeats (latter's mother died while he was incarcerated)
Fincher services today

union thugs harassing again...

A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order Thursday against a Longview, Wash., longshore union, forbidding the group from blocking access to a grain terminal it is picketing.

The order, issued by U.S. District Judge Ronald B. Leighton, prohibits the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 21 from making threats, damaging property and blocking access to or from the facility. Also included in the order is ILWU Local 4, which represents longshore workers in Vancouver.

build an east germany fence to keep them here to pay for it

WA residents owe $20,000 per household for unfunded pension liabilities, or $50 billion

backdoor pre-emption

California passing its own 'Dream Act'
she gave the worst tearful performance for teacher's unions I have ever seen in the history politics, a true whore's whore.

Liberal pro union Democrat State senator's husband accused of groping, trial begins this week In a civil trial that began this week in Coupeville, a woman says she was groped by Basil Badley, the husband of state Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen, D-Camano Island.-
not sure they ever came, but ok..

Employers fleeing Portland

Awful… Obama Scares Crap Out of Kids – Says Junk Science Climate Change Is Biggest Problem They Will Face (Video)

glad ya got our backs, .gov..;utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+BigGovernment+%28Big+Government%29

State of Illinois Pays Violent Offenders and Sex Criminals to Baby-sit Children by Rebel Pundit


D.C. Government Claims Nonprofit Used Grant Money to Open Strip Club

Berlusconi vows to leave 'shitty' Italy in conversation recorded by police Transcripts from blackmail investigation reveal the Italian prime minister's frustration with his country
-obama created as many jobs last month as myself: ZERO
How many jobs were added for August?

Screw up, move up, cover up: Fast and Furious edition

Fast and Furious update: Yes, the White House got e-mails
By Michelle Malkin • September 2, 2011 10:11 AM


IRS doles billions in tax credits to “undocumented workers”
Soros' Hungary has europe's first fat tax

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    all you need to know about the little rat fink nazi democrat, kucinich

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  • Islam isn't a race, sorry to inform you.

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  • Ugh. I don't have time to read all this shit. I've got cute puppy vids to watch.

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  • I'm already into another book. Maybe later.

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  • i live in tulsa yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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  • You're missing the point.... or as expected from an American, merely warping the facts to suit your own agenda.

    America has funded every military dictator with their military needs.... be it Gadaffi, Saddam Husein or whoever.
    The American dollar funded the IRA who murdered hundreds of British soldiers, yet when America experiences terrorism, they demand that the British support them, even though the USA funded the terrorists that killed the British.
    Oh, and the IRA spent their US dollars in Lib More..

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    • @GrumpyAuldBastard lol umad? got moon landing? lmfao!

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    • @GrumpyAuldBastard "Need I bring up Vietnam, Iraq, Somalia"

      Let's go back even further. Need I bring up British ruled over an empire by ritual slaughter, torture, hangings and killings, slavery, rape, and blatant theft of resources and things out of countries that did not belong to them. Millions of people were stripped of their dignity, their livelihoods, even their own cultures, languages and religions thanks to the British empire.

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