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PBS Documentary - Why do People Use Porn?

Survey results from the PBS Frontline documentary "American Porn", conducted by the Kinsey Institute.

Below are the highlights of this survey's results, along with the total number of survey respondents.

10453 respondents

Sex of the respondents
80% (8454) male
17% (1792) female

The top five feelings expressed about porn

86% It can educate people
72% It offers a harmless outlet for unconventional or other private fantasies
68% It can lead to more open attitudes about (one's own) sexuality
55% It can improve relationships
49% It is offensive and degrading

Why do you use porn? (top five answers)

72% To masturbate/for physical release
69% To sexually arouse myself and/or others
54% Out of curiosity
43% Because I can fantasize about things I would not necessarily want in real life
38% To distract myself

Why do you think other people use porn? (top five answers)

87% Out of curiosity
83% To masturbate/for physical release
82% To sexually arouse themselves and/or others
77% To entertain themselves
65% Because they don't have a sexual partner

If you used porn, how do you feel about this?

80% I am fine with my porn use
30% I feel bad while I'm using porn
19% I am fine with it, but my partner doesn't (or would not) like me using porn
16% I feel bad after using porn
9% I have tried to stop using it but I can't

If you used pornography in the past, but not anymore, why do you not use it anymore? (top five answers)

4% Other reasons
4% I got bored with it
2% Change in life circumstances (new job, new relationship, children)
2% It led from bad to worse (e.g., I became "addicted")
1% It was starting to affect my relationships with others, my work, or other activities

If you have never used pornography, why not? (top five answers)

3% It is offensive and degrading
2% I am not interested in it
2% It goes against my values
1% It violates my religious principles
1% It confirms stereotypes of men, women, and/or of what sex really is about

Age group of the respondents

11% (1161) 18 - 20 years
31% (3281) 21 - 30 years
29% (3081) 31 - 40 years
15% (1619) 41 - 50 years
7% (756) 51 - 60 years
2% (227) 61 - 70 years
1% (118) 71 or older

How often have you viewed sexual images in the past month?

3% (315) Not once, and I have never before
20% (2119) Not once, but I have in the past
16% (1768) One or two times
10% (1138) Once a week
27% (2851) A few times a week
9% (953) Once a day
10% (1126) Several times a day

If you use pornography, how much time per week did you spend on it during the past month?

11% (1195) I did not use porn during the past month
18% (1968) Less than one hour
37% (3889) 1-5 hours
16% (1708) 6-15 hours
6% (690) 16-25 hours
3% (395) 26-50 hours
3% (337) More than 50 hours

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