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Prison Beatings Take Toll on Health of Iranian Pastor...

TEHRAN, IRAN (Worthy News)-- Prominent Iranian house church pastor Behnam Irani is still beaten in his prison but less frequently, an official assisting him with advocacy said Monday, just weeks after his family expressed concerns he may die.

"We have learned that the beatings are still happening, however they no longer happen on a daily basis, but periodically," Jason DeMars, director of the Present Truth Ministries rights group told Worthy News.

He said however that Behnam has had intestinal bleeding, or bloody stool, for roughly six months among other ailments. "He has requested to visit the hospital or a doctor and they have denied his requests," DeMars said, adding that his group has urged supporters to "Please pray for his healing and deliverance from the bleeding."

Yet, "Despite his difficult circumstances, his faith remains strong and he is joyful," added DeMars.

Irani, who is in his 40s and married with two children, has been behind bars in a prison of Karaj city where he led a congregation of the Church of Iran house church movement.


He has been held on charges of "crimes against the Islamic state" apparently linked to his involvement in the unauthorized house church.

Christians said he was detained in April 2010 when security forces raided Iranis house in Karaj during a worship service.

Iranian Christians explained at the time that security forces beat Irani and confiscated Bibles and other Christian literature and DVDs, Worthy News reported earlier.

His colleague, Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, is facing the death penalty on charges of "apostasy" or abandoning Islam.

However Nadarkhani, who is held in Lakan Prison in his home town of Rasht said in a letter attributed to him last week that he remains hopeful.

I have surrendered myself to God's will...[and I] consider it as the day of exam and trial of my faith...[so that I may] prove my loyalty and sincerity to God. At the end of his letter he requests, ...all the beloved ones to pray for me, he wrote.


Iranian officials have denied wrongdoing and say those prosecuted are either criminals or otherwise violated the laws of this Islamic nation.

DeMars said he also remains concerned about two other devoted Christians identified as Alireza Seyyedian or Petros Fouroton. "They remain imprisoned in [the cities of] Tehran and Shiraz, respectively. He said his group urged Christians to "Pray for their endurance and comfort in Christ as they stand this trial in prison."

The incidents are part of a wider crackdown on churches, Christian leaders say.

Leaders of the Assemblies of Gods (AOG) Central Church of Iran's capital Tehran, for instance, told their congregation last week Sunday, May 6, that Iranian authorities demand a list of names and identification numbers of church members, viewed as a major risk to converts from Islam.

Church leaders have reportedly members to volunteer their information, though Christians say doing so "almost feels suicidal" in a nation where Christians such as Pastor Nadarkhani face execution.

The AOG church holds two Sunday services, both of which are conducted in the Farsi language. It is the only church remaining in Tehran that offers Farsi-language worship on Sundays, after others were forced to halt services, Christians said.

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  • Good to have you back Muhammad ibn LMAO

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  • Come on the Iranians wouldn't beat this innocent victim. There must be someone trying to just stir up discontent by blowing his daily massage therapy way out of proportion.

    Posted May-16-2012 By 

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  • The Iranians don't persecute Christians. There is a thriving Christian community which is fully part of the life of Iran

    What they do persecute is fundamentalist Christians who break the rules and try and proselytize in unauthorised 'churches'.

    There are 300,000 Christians in Iran and 73 registered churches.

    FFS there are also 25,000 Jews in Iran and over 100 Synagogues. None of the Synagogues or churches need armed guards like they do in many places in Europe.

    Posted May-16-2012 By 

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    • @DEADBEEF If you are Armenian or Assyrian Christian they don't bother you. My family is Assyrian Christian. If you convert from Islam to Christianity you could be jailed or killed.

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    • @Ali665

      Does it work the other way as well?

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    • @DEADBEEF No if you do. They'll say what took you so long to find the right path?

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      a thriving? meaning a demeaned life

      of constant fear and terrorism?

      a life where high paying jobs are

      not allowed to christians, and that

      churches are not allowed to be

      built in this century? and where

      islamic government considers

      christians like taliban? you are

      smoking something.

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  • Yeah beat the shit out of that christian.

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  • Geez, I wonder why jesus fucking blue christ isn't crawling out of some virgins asshole to save him? Has he not been praying enough? WTF?

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