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Nick Griffin MEP Lifts Lid on “Climate Change” Lobbyists

North West Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament Chris Davies is one of Brussels’ biggest lobbyists for “carbon capture” technology and wind farms — but has shares in wind farm companies, Nick Griffin MEP revealed today.

Speaking on BBC One’s North West edition of The Politics Show today, Mr Griffin shocked fellow panellist Mr Davies by calling into question the lobbying effort behind carbon capture technology and wind farms.

Mr Griffin then rounded it off by revealing Mr Davies’ personal shareholding in a wind farm company while the topic of a proposed wind farm near Frodsham, Cheshire, was being discussed.

Mr Griffin pointed out that the proponents of carbon capture technology (which is supposed to remove carbon from coal and other fuels to make it environmentally friendly) and wind farms stood to earn billions if these processes became law.

Speaking later to BNP News, Mr Griffin said that Mr Davies had clear “vested interests” in promoting the climate change theory and this was the likely reason why he was such a big salesman of carbon capture technology in the European Parliament.

“The reality is that Mr Davies has a significant shareholding in the Good Energy company, which will benefit greatly from pressure he is applying in Brussels,” Mr Griffin said.

“In addition, Mr Davies is a main lobbyist in Brussels for the Zero Emissions Programme run by Royal Dutch Shell and other large petroleum producers,” Mr Griffin continued.

“They are seeking the forced implementation of carbon capture technology on the world, despite carbon actually being a natural fertiliser and a big question mark still hanging over the entire issue of man-made CO2 emissions being responsible for climate change.”

Mr Griffin went on to point out that Mr Davies had “reassuringly said that carbon capture technology would cost only one percent of world’s GDP. This means untold billions of pounds will go into the coffers of Mr Davies’ close corporate personal friends.”

He added that the fact that Mr Davies does not yet appear to be on the board of directors of Royal Dutch Shell or any other similar companies was not an indication of how things might be in the future.

“The pattern with these Westminster parties is always the same,” Mr Griffin said. “First, the politicians do the favours and then are rewarded afterwards with board directorships.

“Take, for example, Patricia Hewitt, who as Health Secretary awarded the contract for the NHS computer network to BT. Within two years of her standing down as Health Secretary, Mrs Hewitt was mysteriously made a non-executive BT board member.”

Mr Griffin also pointed out the huge financial costs which “climate change” laws would entail for the ordinary citizen in the street.

“Firstly, if the proposals as devised by Mr Davies and others go ahead, there will be a two percent levy on the global GDP output. Things being the way they are, this means that the burden will fall disproportionately on the Western nations.

“Secondly, there will be a two percent tax on all international financial transactions and presumably internet-based commerce. This means that a holiday maker in Spain will pay tax for withdrawing cash from a hole-in-the-wall machine. Like all the other tax, this money will be handed over to the Third World in one form or another,” Mr Griffin said.

“Thirdly, in Britain it is proposed that there will be a £3,300 one-off tax on every new car sold. This will push up the price of all vehicles, new and old. Finally, it is planned to triple fuel tax over the next ten years,” he said.

“The worst of it is that the proponents of man-made climate change still refuse to allow opposing scientists the chance to air their views. For example, at the upcoming Copenhagen Conference, they are not even allowing dissenting scientists to attend,” Mr Griffin said.

“The BNP says that before any of these far-reaching measures are implemented, the whole issue should be fairly publicly debated so that all sides can present their arguments.

“Only then can a fair and just conclusion on the whole issue of global warming be reached. Until that happens, the establishment must expect continued opposition.” Mr Griffin concluded.

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