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Pacifica Pitbull mauling…what really happened?

This is just a follow up the the pitbull attack story posted by Liquidkill.
Turns out that our little furry buddy a 100 plus pound pit bull maybe innocent?

Greg Napora returned home for lunch yesterday in Pacifica, California to find his wife, Darla, lying dead on the floor and their male pit bull standing over her. Darla was six months pregnant.According to ‘reports’, he put the male dog in the backyard and called authorities. When the police arrived, Gunner got out and was immediately shot and killed by the police officers.Studying the quickly banged out articles from the San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle and Huffington Post, certain facts seemed missing from the coverage. Reuters reported the woman as a San Francisco native and one story featured a ridiculous photo of a yawning pit bull on a city street.Had the media that dived into the frenzy done a bit more investigating, they might have discovered the real truth behind Darla’s death.

According to residents of the Napora neighborhood, the dog did not maul Darla Napora, “just found out that the woman fell off a ladder and hit her head...husband came home found the dog standing over her...he put the dog out got loose and cops shot the dog...thinking that it had mauled the lady. The dog had blood on it's body because he was trying to nudge her to make her move....”
Darla’s father, Doug Robinson was quoted as saying, “Lets wait for the autopsy I talked to the police and will wait for the professionals to make a decision I have been a police officer and a detective for several years. This is my daughter and I will wait for the evidence.”The people who covered this story need to re-examine the facts. Hopefully, an autopsy will be performed and answer the many questions left gaping and open in the articles. If discovered Gunner was innocent and pawing his mom to ‘wake up’, the dog is still dead. The female pit bull, guilty of nothing, was sent to Peninsula Humane Society, also the county dog pound. The facility’s history with pit bull breeds is not very hopeful, so her chances of being saved are probably slim to none.
The death of a pregnant woman is a tragedy too horrible to imagine. People immediately jumped on the pit bull hate train with remarks like, “pit bulls should be terminated FOREVER,” “exterminate that nasty breed once and for all,” and from a wildlife volunteer, “these are not dogs…they are a different category of beast” pulled from SF Chronicle commentary. Until the coroner’s report is disclosed, no one will know the whole story. Hopefully, the report will convey exactly what happened yesterday at the Napora household.Sadly, with this kind of media coverage, everyone suffers. Pit bulls are sitting in death row shelters waiting to die by the millions as it is. With coverage like these stories, millions more will die needlessly.
Image is not of deceased Gunner but of my little Max aka Shmookie

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By: kuba999
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