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Murderers, robbers, rapists and child traffickers sent for execution

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Yesterday, according to the Provincial High Court issued by the President of the execution order, the number of heinous crimes of those facing the death penalty by the Municipal Intermediate People's Court positively identified, taken to his death, the execution of the death penalty.

33-year-old Guo Guang, the Department of, Ruzhou Zhifanggou Township the springs Licun farmers intentional homicide. Guo widely requested a divorce with his wife Meng Moumou improper sexual relationship with the village women Moumou was
To the wife refused, and then generate Murder evil thoughts. March 2005, Guo widely within a few days, twice in the wife taking the decoction put sleeping pills to poison his wife unconscious wife strangled wife poisoning will.

The Baofeng former Township Zhai Village farmers homogeneous wave because housing way out of the problem, Qi Jiangong a result of a dispute with neighbors. January 1, 2005, the two sides quarrel tussle homogeneous wave huff, go home and take out a gun powder Qi Jiangong spot shot. Subsequently, he held another gun powder rushed to the scene after hearing the news, the Qi Jiangong the mother seriously wounded, the brother of Qi Jiangong labeled Sometimes, after surrendered to the public security organs. Sarkozy waves due to intentional homicide, illegal possession of firearms and was sentenced to death.

The Ruzhou Department of Transportation workers Guoqiu Hong (female), and with her husband, Yan Yun-chih feelings husband repeatedly asked her divorce, divorce proceedings to the court. On the evening of 14 June 2005, both because of the divorce altercation Guoqiu Hong angry under the idea die with her husband. 4 o'clock next morning, Guo Qiuhong take advantage of the husband asleep machine, to open gas heating stove switch placed in the bedroom, lit with a match, after Guo and a desire to survive, that fled the house, resulting in Yan Yun-chih, was burnt to death. Guoqiu Hong City Court sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life.

Apart from some intentional homicide yesterday executed a number of robberies, rapists, child trafficking prisoners criminals.

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