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News Media Scrub Cop Murderer’s Manifesto of Pro-Obama,MSNBC, CNN, Gay, and Anti-Gun Comments

While we pray for those murdered and
everyone who might be in danger, we cannot forget that the media and its
allies in the Democratic Party have set a standard when it comes to
reporting on the possible political motives of mass murderers. Though
they generally make things up to turn the death of innocents into a
talking point against the Right, it is still the left who set this
And what do you know, Chris Dorner, the
former police officer suspected of being behind the murder rampage
presently unfolding in Los Angeles, has apparently left behind a manifesto
addressed to America that the media are already selectively reporting
on to leave out the more inconvenient portions. You see, there is no
political upside for the media to reveal the politics of this suspected madman.
What is being reported as Mr. Dorner's
manifesto not only endorses Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 and
vigorously defends Barack Obama and the Democrats' current gun control
push; he also savages the NRA's Wayne LaPierre while expressing all
kinds of love for some of the biggest stars in the left-wing media -- by
No Tea Partier is this suspected mass murderer, who just might be politically motivated:

Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough,
Pat Harvey, Brian Williams, Soledad Obrien, Wolf Blitzer, Meredith
Viera, Tavis Smiley, and Anderson Cooper, keep up the great work and
follow Cronkite's lead. I hold many of you in the same regard as Tom
Brokaw and the late Peter Jennings. …
Willie Geist, you're a talented and charismatic journalist.

Mr. Dorner also seems to have a soft
spot for those the media tells us are "safe" Republicans to like, such
as George H. W. Bush and Chris Christie, "the only person I would like
to see in the White House in 2016 other than Hillary."
When it comes to defending Obama, Dorner sounds like he's been watching an awful lot of NBC News:

You disrespect the office of the
POTUS/Presidency and Commander in Chief. You call him Kenyan, mongroid,
halfrican, muslim, and FBHO when in essence you are to address him as
simply, President. The same as you did to President George W. Bush and
all those in the highest ranking position of our land before him. Just
as I always have. You question his birth certificate, his educational
and professional accomplishments, and his judeo-christian beliefs. You
make disparaging remarks about his dead parents.
Mr. Dorner's gun control views make it
sound as though much of his thinking has been affected by CNN. In a
paragraph that mentions Sandy Hook, Dorner writes:
If you had a well regulated AWB,
this would not happen. The time is now to reinstitute a ban that will
save lives. Why does any sportsman need a 30 round magazine for hunting?
Why does anyone need a suppressor? Why does anyone need a AR15 rifle?
This is the same small arms weapons system utilized in eradicating Al
Qaeda, Taliban, and every enemy combatant since the Vietnam war. Don't
give me that crap that its not a select fire or full auto rifle like the
DoD uses. That's bullshit because troops who carry the M-4/M-16 weapon
system for combat ops outside the wire rarely utilize the select fire
function when in contact with enemy combatants.
Those sound just like Piers Morgan's
talking points, no? Well, surprise-surprise, Dornan agrees 100% with
Morgan on gun control, though he does worry that Morgan is hurting the
Mr. Morgan, the problem that many
American gun owners have with you and your continuous discussion of gun
control is that you are not an American citizen and have an accent that
is distinct and clarifies that you are a foreigner. I want you to know
that I agree with you 100% on enacting stricter firearm laws[.]
The manifesto is thousands of word long
and mentions dozens of people and topics. But politically, the
manifesto is pretty clear.

Added: Feb-7-2013 
By: Bob_Lablaw
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