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New Details About Obama's Social Security Number Reserved For Connecticut Applicants

Back on April 13, 2011, the T-Room predicted that President Obama would soon post a scanned version of what his inner circle would designate as his “Official” long-form birth certificate -

“More importantly, you can’t change a SSN record, but you can certainly create a long-form birth certificate just in time for the 2012 elections. Which is what many are anticipating, and now with Donald Trump entering the fray you can count on such a document entering into the public arena and soon. After all, anyone who has studied this issue knows the Obama camps next step is to embarrass the “birthers” by producing a long-form birth certificate. That would be checkmate wouldn’t it? Of course, it will be a scanned copy just like the COLB, because it will never hold up under the scrutiny of an independent forensic review team of experts, that is someone other than his former employer, the Annenberg’s, so get ready for a repeat of a similar ruse coming to a computer screen near you.”

Viola! On the morning of April 27 the Prez posted a digitized “scanned” image captivating the public’s imagination, yet again. Although we were spot on in making our prediction, we take no pride in having to make it at all, and we were certainly not the only ones doing so. More unnerving about this farcical theater is how sad it all is. It took this man two and a half years, millions of dollars and a countless number of lawsuits later, including the Court Martial of Lt. Col Lakin and trumped up charges of Lt. Commander Fitzpatrick, to post a “picture” that was immediately found to be a really crappy forgery.

But the beat goes on… Many who have become expert students of this miserable game continue to be ridiculed and verbally assaulted for simply pointing out those pesky facts that crush the naysayers/obots laughable drivel. Who knows who pays these trolls and honestly, who really cares. At this point in the game both sides are worn down, one side from lying all of the time and the other defending our constitutional form of government. The naysayers/obots/trolls barely have it in them to keep the shield up and few are flocking to replace them, with one exception, the moron who posts death threats from Port Angeles, Washington over at obamareleaseyourrecords. This obot loon can be traced back to 2008 when he was leveling similar threats on blogger Citizen Wells. Same M.O., same threats and same obot lunacy.

With both sides seemingly taking a short pause in the battle for reality, we thought it a good time to provide you with an update on the “It’s the Social Security Number, Stupid!” front. A lot has been happening with some detail already being reported while other detail has not.

We first caught up with Susan Daniels, Susan Daniels & Associates, on the afternoon of May 21, 2011. Daniels is the private investigator who, after a client’s request, first delved into the Obama SSN and all of the peculiarities surrounding it back in 2009.

Two documents - One embarrassingly ridiculous and the other tightens the window

Daniels brings our attention to two new documents with the first being an official response from the Social Security Administration to Ms. Daniels request for an investigation into how a legal Hawaiian resident, then Barry Obama, age 15, secured a Connecticut issued Social Security Number. A Mr. Frank Biro, Acting Associate Commissioner, Office of Public Inquiries, Social Security Administration, issued the formal reply by stating the following “after reviewing the information you provided, we disagree with your conclusion that a person’s Social Security number depends upon the address of a residence.”

That was it. Nothing more. The Acting Associate Commissioner simply stated the Social Security Administration “disagreed” with Daniels understanding of their longstanding application regulations. He cited no code. He cited no regulation. He cited nothing. As a formal representative of the SSA all he states is his disagreement. With what exactly? With their own regulations? What utter nonsense! Put this useless response into the loony circular file.

The next document Daniels highlights is a Social Security Certification of a deceased applicant named Paul Michael Graziano. Mr. Graziano filed his SS-5 application (scroll to page 2) with a Connecticut Social Security office on March 16, 1977. His residential address then was 38 Yorktown Circle, Trumbull, Conn. 06611.

Why is this significant? Well, Mr. Graziano’s SSN is five numbers AFTER Obama’s Connecticut SSN and, again, was filed on March 16, 1977. You may recall in our April post Daniels explaining a Mr. Thomas Wood’s SS-5 Certification form, which immediately preceded Obama’s Connecticut SSN, being applied for on March 21, 1977. Therefore, it is now conclusive that the Connecticut Social Security number Obama secured at the age of 15, and has been using for the last 25 years, was secured in March of 1977 and more narrowly, sometime during the week of March 16 - 21, 1977.

Timeline - Wood/Obama/Graziano

042-68-4424 March 21, 1977 Thomas Louis Wood Newington, Connecticut
042-68-4425 March ??, 1977 Barack Hussein Obama Honolulu, Hawaii
042-68-4429 March 16, 1977 Paul Michael Graziano Yorktown, Connecticut

Daniels then goes onto explain, “his location in March of 1977 is a quandary because the Social Security regulations, as codified then and today, clearly states ‘If you are age 12 or older and have never received a Social Security Number, you must apply in person.

In the second part of the Daniels update, she highlights longstanding regulations of the Social Security administration that remain on the site for which Commish Biro simply disagrees.

The first item Daniels discusses is a historical guideline written by a Mr. Crow and Ms. Bennett, experts on the Social Security system including number assignments, which states the following -

‘With few exceptions, each geographical area is assigned a range of area numbers. Area numbers assigned prior to 1972 are an indication of the location of the SSA office which originally issued the SSN. Since 1972 SSNs have been issued centrally and the area number in SSNs assigned since 1972 corresponds to the residence location of the applicant as indicated on the application for the SSN.” (emphasis added)

To be clear, Connecticut’s area numbers are 040 - 049 and Hawaii’s area numbers are 575 and 576.

Therefore, based on these two SSA regulations one must suspend all rational thought to believe a young 15 year old boy from Honolulu, Hawaii traveled 5015.6 miles, 8071.8 kilometers, 4355.5 nautical miles or took a 10 hour and 25 minute flight to Connecticut, walked into a Connecticut Social Security office with at least “two legal documents” in hand verifying his age, identity, established place of residence in Connecticut and verification of US citizenship.

Nowhere in all of Barry’s travels, his books, articles written about him or his family does anyone even remotely suggest that Barry ever resided in the state of Connecticut nor his grandparents nor any other relatives. Nowhere. And don’t waste good folks time trying to convince intelligent people the SS office in Baltimore, Maryland read the zip code wrong on the application. To suggest this only shows how desperate and dumb you are.P.I. Daniels: Obama's Social Security Number Reserved For Connecticut Appli

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  • Obviously theres a fraud in the White House.

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  • once they finally do nail his ass, hope his execution will be pay per view. voted

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  • If all his shit is fake how does he get to stay in the white house. Anyone else would be kicked out and brought to justice.

    Is this all just BS, If someone has evidence. Please do something! It's getting old hearing about it and nothing being done. Starting to sound like a bunch of cackling chickens.

    Posted Jun-7-2011 By 

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  • Oh Please who gives a shit about facts anymore. As longs as I don't have to work for 99 weeks and get paid I say let that shit ride.


    This joker has to go along with all the scum suckers on the government tite.

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  • my cat walked across the keyboard now. Fucking drop this dead horse, it won't be significant ever. Just get the guy out next year. Let him write his books and make the 100 large speeches, i do not care - anyone else!

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  • Obama's SSN was stolen from Harrison Bounel who died in NEWTOWN CT.

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