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Teens busted for shooting cats at rescue center

According to the Greene County Sheriff's Department, three male juveniles wounded 14 cats on Saturday night.

The cats were being cared for by Robin Quillen, president of Feral Friends of Greene County. The group serves as a caregiver and adoption agency for abandoned cats. The agency feeds hundreds of cats each day. Quillen's home is located on Fairview Road in the Afton community of Greene County.

According to Quillen, cameras caught three people driving up and down the road at the base of her property on Saturday night.

She said the shooters went on a spree for six and a half hours with the cats serving as targets.

"They would pull up into one of our shop areas and shoot from the truck or the car and get out and shoot," said Quillen.

A neighbor finally heard the shots and alerted the Quillens.

According to feline rescue, 12 of the injured cats either died or had to be euthanized due to their injuries.

Investigators with the Greene County Sheriff's Department said all three teenagers have been identified and charged with aggravated cruelty to animals.

Two of the cats are still being cared for at a vet's office.

According to investigators, the teenagers should appear in juvenile court this May.

Go to link for video of interviews and CCTV clip,

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