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UK: Butcher Who Disembowled A Mother And Child Walks Free After Only 6 Years In Jail....

Butcher freed


Published: Today
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A DOUBLE killer who butchered a mum and DISEMBOWELLED her son walks free - after just SIX YEARS off the streets.

Gregory Davis, 30 - locked up indefinitely by a judge - is allowed out alone for two hours twice a week in the run-up to RELEASE.

Last night his victims' loved ones - who thought he would be in Broadmoor for life - were "mortified".

Davis was switched to a less secure unit 18 months ago - and psychiatrists now say he is harmless.

Experts blamed the horrific 2003 slaughter of Dorothy Rogers, 48, and son Michael, 19, on a "psychotic episode" he suffered. Davis had written in a sick diary how he planned to be a serial killer before he battered the mum's partner senseless with a claw hammer, then used it to bludgeon her.

He also stabbed Dorothy 31 times with a 12-inch carving knife at her home in Milton Keynes, Bucks. Then he chased her teenage son to a playground where horrified parents and kiddies saw the teenager disembowelled.

A friend said as Dorothy's surviving son and her twin sister reeled at the killer being let out: "It's as if Davis just had a bad day at the office and is fit to go back to work again now.

"This man absolutely ruined their lives with a premeditated and merciless attack. It was a bloodbath. If they say he is now sane then send him to an ordinary prison to finish his time."

Davis has been enjoying his routine twice-weekly unsupervised outings from the Littlemore unit in Oxfordshire for at least six months.

One of them involves him being driven back to Milton Keynes - the town where he committed his terrible killings - to visit his parents.


The other sees him wandering around the Oxford area, where he chats to strangers in cafes and shops for luxuries including hi-fi mags.

Knifed... mum Dorothy
Knifed... mum Dorothy

Davis pleaded guilty at Luton Crown Court to double manslaughter - claiming diminished responsibility.

But within 18 months of being locked up he had a human rights lawyer battling for him - with taxpayers footing the £10,000 legal aid.

Davis is now due to go before a Mental Health Review Tribunal to decide if he is ready to be moved out of the soft unit and into a cushy hostel.

He would be at liberty to come and go as he pleases - subject only to a curfew.

His victims' pal raged: "It seems all anybody cares about here is the killer."

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