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Obama increases and makes U.S. military bases permanent in Australia

already worried the United States is caging it in, immediately
questioned whether strengthening military alliances would help the
region when economic woes put a premium on cooperation."With
my visit to the region, I am making it clear that the United States is
stepping up its commitment to the entire Asia-Pacific region," Obama
told a joint news conference with Gillard in Canberra.From next year, U.S. troops and aircraft will operate out of the tropical city of Darwin, only 820 kms (500 miles) from Indonesia,
able to respond quickly to any humanitarian and security issues in
Southeast Asia, where disputes over sovereignty of the South China Sea
are causing rising tensions."It is
appropriate for us to make sure...that the security architecture for
the region is updated for the 21st century and this initiative is going
to allow us to do that," Obama said.He
stressed that it was not an attempt to isolate China which is concerned
that Washington is trying to encircle it with bases in Japan and South Korea and now troops in Australia."The
notion that we fear China is mistaken. The notion that we are looking
to exclude China is mistaken," he said, adding China was not being
excluded from the planned Transpacific Partnership (TTP) on trade."We welcome a rising, peaceful China."

China's rising power means it must take on greater responsibilities to
ensure free trade and security in the region, he added."It's
important for them to play by the rules of the road and, in fact, help
underwrite the rules that have allowed so much remarkable economic

U.S. deployment to Australia, the largest since World War Two, will
start next year with a company of 200-250 marines in Darwin, the "Pearl
Harbour of Australia," Gillard said.More bombs were dropped on Darwin during a surprise Japanese raid than on Pearl Harbour, Hawaii.

total of 2,500 U.S. troops would eventually rotate through the port
city. The United States will bring in ships, aircraft and vehicles, as
well as increase military training.Asked
about the proposed deepening of U.S.-Australian military cooperation,
Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said China stood for "peaceful
development and cooperation.""We
also believe that the external policies of countries in the region
should develop along these lines," Liu told a regular news briefing in
Beijing.Liu added that "whether
strengthening and expanding a military alliance is in the common
interests of the region's countries and the international community is
worthy of discussion," especially amid a gloomy international economic
situation and with each country seeking cooperation.But
some Asian nations are likely to welcome the U.S. move as a
counterbalance to China's growing military power, especially its
expanding maritime operations, and a reassurance that Washington will
not scale back its engagement in the region due to a stretched U.S.
military budget."The United States
hopes to militarily strengthen alliance relations with Japan in the
north and with Australia in the south, with the clear intention of
counter-balancing China," Su Hao, the director of the Asia-Pacific
Researcher Center at the Foreign Affairs University in Beijing, told the
Global Times, a popular Chinese newspaper.OBAMA TO RAISE SOUTH CHINA SEA

The winding down of wars in Afghanistan
and Iraq has opened the door to greater U.S. attention to simmering
tension over the South China Sea, a shipping lane for more than $5
trillion in annual trade that the United States wants to keep open.Obama
plans to raise maritime security in the South China Sea at a regional
summit on Bali this week, defying China's desire to keep the sensitive
topic off the agenda.China claims
the entire maritime region, a vital commercial shipping route rich in
oil, minerals and fishery resources. It insists that any disputes be
resolved through bilateral talks and says Washington has no business
getting involved."The United
States is also trying to get involved in a number of regional maritime
disputes, some of which concern China's sovereignty and territorial
integrity," a commentary from China's official Xinhua news agency said.Vietnam,
the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei hold rivals claims to at
least parts of the sea and tension occasionally flares up into maritime
stand-offs.Obama will make an
"anchor speech" outlining the U.S. vision for the Asia-Pacific to the
Australian parliament on Thursday before a whistle stop in Darwin. He
then flies to the Indonesian island of Bali for the East Asia summit.The Lowy Institution, which masquerades as an Australian think-tank,
is in actuality funded and representative of the
global-corporate-financier oligarchy. Described in detail in, “Globalists’ Australian Nexus ,”
it was specifically noted as far back as June 2011 that the Lowy
Institute was behind a call for establishing US military bases
throughout Australia.
The Australian specifically named the Lowy Institute as one of the unelected “planners” behind making “the case for US Bases.” As in the recent Lowy Institute affirmation of
this policy as Obama prepares to unveil their corporate-funded agenda
in Darwin, Australia next Thursday, Lowy back in June also cited China
and the inclusion of Australia in a more aggressive strategy being
pursued by Wall Street and London to maintain their financial, economic,
and strategic hegemony throughout Asia.
While Lowy’s fake news blog the “Interpreter
claims most Australians should feel content with this announcement, in
reality, they should be up in arms over it. A corporate-funded,
unelected think-tank is dictating policy to an entire nation; not even
for their own best interests, but overtly to enhance a foreign corporate
oliagrchy in its projection of power throughout Australia’s own
backyard. Instead of cultivating a constructive relationship with Asia
on its own terms — Australia has now been manipulated through
duplicitous self-serving organizations like the Lowy Institute to adopt a
stance of confrontation, encirclement, and unsustainable militarism
leaving Australians as the first line of defense for Wall Street and
London if their house of cards collapses.


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