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''Pentagon seeks authority to train, equip, and outsource foreign militaries for a NWO''

The House Armed Services Committee met with the DOD and State Dept, as they beg Congress for more money to spend on their failed war on terror.

Now the Neo-cons are trying to convince us that there isn't enough people to protect America from terror, that they need to outsource that work foreigners to protect America's interests by claiming that they can't find Americans to do the job of Combating Global Terror.

It's the same classic Cliché they used to try and explain why so many Illegal foreigners have trespassed on the USA to fill cheap labor jobs.

Not only is this an insult to vets around the world who served their country only to be outsourced in the future, with De fence Contractors who earn more then a Grunt.

Wouldn't it be nice to hear when the government will be seeking funds to bail out the people who are actually Real American Citizens and not foreigners in this failed corrupted Despot USA System?

Watch Condi and Gates dodge the question proposed by Rep Walter Jones in this clip.

Sitting on the House Armed Services Committee, U.S. Rep. Walter Jones, R-District 3, has voiced his concern not only about the decision's national security implications, but also its broader economic effects.

"With unemployment on the rise and our country rapidly sliding into a recession, how can we justify sending U.S. dollars to a foreign country for our national defense needs?" he wrote in a letter to Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne. "This contract award threatens our national security and U.S. economic security by sending U.S. manufacturing jobs abroad."

"I have been very outspoken for 14 years about the fact that we continue to see so many of our jobs going overseas," Jones said. "We've become more dependent on foreign governments for what we used to make ourselves, and this is an example of that."

But, he added, it's even worse when the federal government is directly responsible.

With demands for review continuing, however, the congressional armed services committees are expected to take a look at the contract before any funds are appropriated.

WASHINGTON - Rep. Walter B. Jones voted against the $50 billion foreign aid bill passed Wednesday by the U.S. House of Representatives by a 308-to-116 vote.

"With the public debt at over $9 trillion, and the federal government running an annual deficit of $300 billion, this nation is on the fast track to bankruptcy," said Jones. "At a time like this, the last thing our country needs is to spend money on aid to foreign countries."

The bill authorizes $50 billion over five years for programs in Africa, Vietnam and the Caribbean to combat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

"It's incredibly irresponsible for Congress to pass a bloated foreign aid bill while our country desperately needs money for national priorities like securing our borders, safeguarding benefits for our veterans, and investing in our domestic infrastructure," said Jones, a seven-term representative from the 3rd Congressional District who faces opposition in the May 6 primary.

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Added: Apr-18-2008 
By: neverknwo
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