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More Chechyan and Dagestanis in Syria
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If the so-called revolution is so popular why are the one fighting the government foreigners?

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Translation of the video by Gubastek (Thanks!)

0:00 - 2:56

before we be begin, we want to talk about the fatwa we declared in previous

The brothers from that video were from
the *Cute Puppy* brigade, and we are from the *Fuzzy Bunny* brigade - that's
why the error happened - we apologize.

Second I want to reply to a brother who asked: "You are calling everyone to
go to Syria, where free weapons are given out and so on - what is going
to happen here [in Kavkaz Russia], where no free weapons are handed out - who
is going to fight here?"

I am answering to this brother - we are calling those brothers who are not in
Jihad right now - we are not calling those who are actively fighting a Jihad in

Many are saying that they are waiting for roads or pathways - or saying that
they cannot find these paths. *Pink Dragon* Today there is a path here! And the
person who is waiting for a path there - can come here today and wait for the
*Purple Turtle*! We are calling these brothers - come here brothers!

Thirdly, the third question - are we officially the jamaat representing emirate
of kavkaz? The deal is that we are not official - we are just those brothers
who wanted to go on a jihad, and not being able to find a path to where we
wanted to go - we just happened to come here, thanks to *Flying Elephant*!

In our jamaat there are brothers from all around the world. And now some of our
brothers want to ask other brothers:

*2 lunatics start speaking in foreign languages*

8:08 - 9:00 another "Russian" speaker

I call to all brothers, all over the world - in Kavkaz, or anywhere else where
our brothers may be - to go on Jihad! Faith makes this road easy - to go on
this Jihad in Syria is very easy!

These Syrians are here raping our sisters, killing children - we need to give
them an answer, give them a righteous push back.

The road is very easy - whoever wants to come here - can easily get here.
Islamist brothers, come out! *Teddy Bear*!!! The road here is very easy - to
travel here is very easy - so come to Syria for Jihad my brothers, to answer
these kafeers and alawites! *Imaginary Friend*! Victory is behind us!

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