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The urband street mating ritual known as.... Booty Poppin

You can observe, first the Female attempts to gain recognition by attracting attention. When a suitable Male has been found, she proceeds to lure him into the car to perform what is commonly known as "Reproducing". Once this has been achieved the Male and Female go their separate ways. After a period of incubation the Female will most likely reproduce as in this species the high rate or reproductive capabilities is exceedingly common. Once the offspring has been conceved into this Urban environment the mother proceeds by any and all means necessary to care for her fatherless child which makes her tenacity a formidable obstacle for the surrounding equilibrium.

They are extremely smart at memorizing government loopholes to further their own material needs and their "Human Rights" knowledge rivals the best of Harvard Law school. Though they make an appearance to be second class citizens, repressed, even persecuted for their gender, they fully acknowledge this is a driving tool and an asset which can be a politically and financially motivational tool.


This species are not very social at all and live very solitary lives, only coming together to mate or grudging share a McDonals. You will not see they flock or Migrate in groups. They may swarm a McDonals to grab a quick snack on their way through town, but they don't travel together. They just like to do their own thing.

This species divide themselves by territories. Males will aggressively protect their territories. Each territory is chosen
based on the abundance of food, nectar, and water. Many male territories are about the size of a quarter acre. Females will define their territories by the cribs they build. Both male and females fiercely protect these areas.


Males are very aggressive. They set up their territory
and will chase off any male that comes near. This helps the males eliminate the competition for the females in
the area. This aggression also helps the females. Females do not let males near a crib because the male's bright colors might alert predators in the area to the cribs
location. If there is only one male in the area, the
female will only have to worry about chasing away one male and be able to better concentrate on her ebonics and claws as weapons. They will scream
warnings in an un-understandable language as they head toward each other. This species have been known
to body slam each other in mid air and even lock their hair together
while spinning in a circle until they hit the ground.

Males have been known to be so territorially aggressive that they have attacked fakes such as wiggers.

Aggressive Males have been known to injure each other on occasion; however, this is very rare. Usually when they fight, they will use strong language and "Peacock" to intimidate their adversary. By the end of mating season, they may look like they have been through a war. This is just part of being a Male and participating in the species wars.

To avoid this species from causing too much injury, put out a lot of McDonals and KFC locations
either spaced far apart or all bunched together. This will help prevent one Male from guarding them all and chasing off the other Males. Don't bother to try and stop them from fighting. It's
best to just leave them alone and let them work it out. Whenever the Males start to body-slam each other, we yell, "Hey". They seemed to have learned the rule pretty well
and now they just do it when they think no one is looking.

This species do not attack Dogs, they are just curious to see if you have any items of interest. They have been known on many occasions to get right in a person's face, raging and demanding the person hurry up and refill that support system.

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