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Madam Says Spitzer Was 'Too Aggressive With the Girls'

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Just when Eliot Spitzer thought it was safe to be seen in public, his "personal Madam Butterfly" decided to drag him back into the news.

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Kristin Davis's newly released tell-all book, "The Manhattan Madam" succeeds in making Spitzer look even creepier than his face already does. Davis, who pleaded guilty last year to charges of running a prostitution ring used by Spitzer, claims she "blacklisted" the former governor (code name "James") after he showed his dark side.

"James was getting rough and too aggressive with the girls - repeatedly pressuring them to do things they didn't want to do."

She says James would obsess over specific girls and complain about having to use a condom, so she crossed him off her client list.

"Eventually, this is what I told 'James.' 'I no longer feel comfortable with you as a client. You are blacklisted. Please don't ever call me or my other phone bookers again. Thank you and good luck.'"

Yeesh. Spitzer sounds worse than Jason Alexander in Pretty Woman.

But consider the source. Kristin Davis dishes on her clients without naming names while she portrays herself as the heroine harlot of the Big Apple. Davis's Web site has this to say about her book:
You'll learn her compelling life story, from her stint working for Heidi Fleiss to her rise to success in hedge funds, to her domination of the New York City prostitution business. You will be amazed by her intelligent use of technology to build a truly 21 st century brothel, applying the latest innovations to "the world's oldest profession." And you'll learn the secrets behind why she had the most loyal clientele in the business. Wow. With self-aggrandizement like that, Davis sounds like a perfect candidate for "Celebrity Apprentice." Who cares if she gets fired? A contact like Donald Trump has got to be worth millions to such an industrious call girl.

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