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More BP crap

Notice how in every photoshopped pic that is approved by BP for release there is NO FUCKING OIL at all anywhere.

Theres crosses, bells, photoshop-blue skies, clean beaches, prison-labor in clean white paper-suits, business meetings, speeches, boats ..... No oil.

No dead birds, no dead plants, no dead dolphins.

Heres some real pics:

..... Real pics that BP was using the local sherriffs to prevent from being taken : (reporter for motherjones) - Finally tracked down a media number for grand isle police. Guess whose fucking voicemail answers. BP.
- Can't talk to anyone but bp. Only ones @ community center. Say they're in charge "bc it's bp's oil."
- Bp spokes. told my friend all hushed they have "a lot" of sway over the sheriff's dept
- Bp spokes. is married to a sheriff's deputy. Course. 12:18 PM May 21st
- Bp spokes. asked my friend if he's a reporter, then said "Good." (He's not.) Not asking me bc I'm a gal, I guess.
- Wtf. They're saying have to go through bp "liaison" to talk to anyone in this town.
- Bp spokes. just told 2 reporters not allowed anywhere on beach. Lie. Tons of tourists on it, specifically told they could stay by police.
- Going to "bp information center" they just set up to ask why cops being such assholes
- Ha! Miami herald was just chased down by same jefferson parish cops.
- Cop at entrance to this beach just flipped his shit on me the moment I arrived. Yelling that I have to get out of here.
- Sheriff's deputy's reason for blocking access to spill: "Just doing what they told me to." Who's "they," dude? YOU'RE the sheriff.
- Can't get this effing oil off my fingers, and my nails are stained yellow. Hot.
- 5 sheriff's cars have arrived. No pics allowed, no more access to elmer's island.

Click to view image: 'Gas Fire'

Added: May-31-2010 
By: RevoInc
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