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State Media Interference for O, Spiking Logan Assault Story/WH fed. gun registry goes ahead

The state-run media ran interference for President Obama by spiking the Lara Logan Tahrir Square assault story. They knew it would damage Obama who helped push American ally Hosni Mubarak from office.
Jewish World Review reported:

A funny thing happened on the way to the glorious democracy ostensibly emerging in Egypt. CBS reporter Lara Logan, “covering the jubilation” as CBS put it, was surrounded by a mob of men screaming, “Jew, Jew!” who beat and sexually assaulted her. She is currently recovering in a U.S. hospital from injuries described as “serious.” Despite the fact that the incident occurred last Friday, CBS sat on the story until it became apparent that other members of the media had gotten wind of it. Why? The bet here is that this incident interferes with the mainstream media-established narrative regarding the true nature of some “freedom-loving” Egyptians. People yearning for democracy aren’t supposed to be anti-Semitic thugs or sexual predators as well. Thus, a genuine news item became an “un-story.”

…What is really going on in the Middle East? Upheaval–of a largely undefined nature. Where is it leading? Despite mountains of “expert” analysis, one really knows, not even the participants themselves. The American news media? A pack of Walter Durantys with narratives as tailored as those the NY Times Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter spun about the great “democratic reformer” known as Josef Stalin. A group of narrators as practiced in the art of taqiyya, which is defined as lying to protect Islam, as the Islamists themselves…

…And not just Islamists. In my entire career as a columnist, I can’t recall a time when so many members of the Fourth Estate were so willing to run interference for a president and his administration. Can anyone remotely imagine CBS spiking the same story if George W. Bush were president? Lara Logan would have been the poster girl for “unrealistic expectations of democracy in Egypt.” Bush would have been thoroughly excoriated for his idea that freedom is “G0d’s gift to mankind,” even as Barack Obama’s water-carriers have been characterizing the events in Egypt as “one the great triumphs of the human spirit” (Thomas Friedman, NY Times), or “a massive eloquent validation of the moral force and power of non-violent civil disobedience” comparable to the “legacies of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King.” (Clarence B. Jones, Huffington Post).


White House, ATF Press Ahead with Plans for Federal Long Gun Registry
Posted on February 17, 2011 by Robert Farago

The on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again ATF long gun registry is on-again. You know: the 60-day emergency > ninety-day temporary > one-year trial (with option to renew) requirement that 8500 U.S. gun dealers near the Mexican border must immediately report the name and address of all U.S. gun buyers purchasing two or more magazine-fed rifles. reports that “The White House is pressing ahead with rules meant to slow the flow of weapons to Mexico, a high-ranking U.S. official said on Wednesday, despite fears among gun control advocates that the Obama administration may be backing away from the plan.” Fears? Let’s try that again, shall we? . . .

Lest we forget, earlier this month, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) publicly stated that the feds had cancelled the long gun registry paperwork required, after President Obama complained that the salmon industry was plagued with red tape. And no, I did not make that up. Besides, the OMB said they couldn’t hurry this through because [alleged] U.S. to Mexico gun smuggling wasn’t an emergency (like, say, a federally declared disaster).

And yet, for some reason, the public consultation period on the long gun registry regulation went forward. All the way to Valentine’s Day (the ATF somehow forgot to reset the clock after creating a truncated three-week consultation phase that ran over Christmas and New Year’s).

This was a clear indication that the ATF and the administration was going ahead with the registry—despite the Gunwalker scandal’s “lost” firearms and the obvious implication that the ATF has no fucking clue what it’s doing. According to inside sources, the public comments ran against the registry at a rate of roughly 1000 to one.

And? Even before the comments could be logged under the ATF’s enemies list (again, I’m not making that up), the ATF is officially announcing that it’s damn the damnation, full speed ahead. Acting Head Melson’s number one, William Hoover [above, right], made it official.

“I truly believe that everyone in the administration supports this and I’m pretty confident that we’ll get it done,” said William Hoover, acting deputy director of ATF, in an interview.

So, once again, the Obama administration’s opinion trumps public sentiment. But it’s worse than that . . .

There’s one little detail—well, one really important one—that’s been left out of all the nominal discussions about this long-gun registry. What happens to the information? There has been no official declaration, or document, mandating the destruction of the data within a given time period. Until yesterday.

“This is just a shallow excuse to engage in a sweeping firearms registration scheme,” NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre said last year on the group’s website.

Hoover denied that the ATF is seeking to create a national registry, and said records would be kept for 24 months and then destroyed if not acted on by investigators.

Again, please note that we only have Mr. Hoover’s word for that. Show us the regulation. Meanwhile, what are the protocols for sharing the data? Will the Mexican police have access? Will the sales data be entered into the ATF’s e-Trace system so that several dozen foreign governments will have access?

Bottom line: the federal long gun registry “pilot program” isn’t dead. It doesn’t even appear to be wounded. Not to coin a phrase, that’s some scary ass shit right there.


Oregon Supreme Court overturns sex abuse conviction because jurors were anonymous
Published: Thursday, February 17, 2011, 1:32 PM Updated: Thursday, February 17, 2011, 2:55 PM


Former Lynden city leader accused of promoting prostitution

By Shomari Stone

No one would have known except the passenger complained.

KOMO News has exclusively obtained video that, according to police, shows a former Lynden City Council member promoting prostitution to a bus passenger.

Bellingham police say Jay Van Lant, who worked as a bus driver for the Whatcom Transportation Authority for more than 15 years, admitted to the act and even wrote an apology letter to the passenger.

Van Lant has since been fired over the incident which transit authority called despicable.

"This is completely abhorrent and absolutely unacceptable," said Richard Walsh, spokesman for the Whatcom Transportation Authority.

A camera aboard a bus driven by Van Lant captured the incident, which took place two months ago.

Police say when a passenger told Van Lant he was having a tough time getting a job, the driver told him about a friend who exchanges cash for oral sex.

"Well, I have a weird question for you," Van Lant is heard saying on tape. "I got a buddy that likes to help out guys. And he prefers a straight guy, likes to give him a (redacted) for 50 bucks."

Van Lant appeared to go on to say that he's done the same for his friend in exchange for cash.

"I've done him a few years ago and he gave me money," he said. "He takes you to his house and brings you back. Fifty bucks is 50 bucks. He's a queer guy. A beautiful home in Fairhaven. Just his thing. He enjoys it. So."

That passenger complained to the transit authority, which investigated then fired Van Lant last month.

Police arrested the driver and say he confessed, even apologizing to the passenger in a letter which read, "I just want to tell you how sorry I am."

The police report indicates Van Lant cooperated with investigators.

Van Lant was a member of the Lynden City Council from the late 80s to the early 90s.

He was also a part-time bus driver at Lynden Christian School, but school officials on Thursday said he has resigned.

Van Lant has pleaded not guilty to the charge of promoting prostitution, and is set to go on trial in May.

Defense contractors gave heavily to tennis charity of (D) Norm Dicks

Posted by Kyung M. Song


Truth Needle: Union ad on Western State mostly false

In a new TV ad, the Washington Federation of State Employees claims that "because of state cuts violence has increased" at Western State Hospital. We found that claim to be mostly false.

By Jonathan Martin

Seattle Times staff reporter


Rep. Laurie Jinkins Wants Law to Cut Unhealthy Snacks for State Employees
By Curtis Cartier, Thu., Feb. 17 2011 @ 12:51PM
Categories: Politics


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