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Hilarious! Americans Angry About Supreme Court Ruling On Healthcare Threaten To ‘Move To Canada’

(Warning): Reading the above headline more than once may result in blood gushing out of your eyes, so it’s a good thing you no longer have to remain at that crappy job in order to have it medically treated.

But just in case that crappy job you hate has firewalls up for all non crappy job related activities, five out of the nine Supreme Court Justices, including John Roberts. (Seriously, John Roberts sided with Obamacare. Now that calls for a Biden “Big F**king deal!”) Now, millions of Americans will have the right to not die. Well, all those freedom loving baggers of tea and miserably uninformed followers of Sarah “Spongebrain Squarehead” Palin took their righteous rage to the only place where spelling and coherence aren’t necessary: Twitter.

In what can only be described as a phenomenon of the Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof Sci-fi variety, hordes of dyspeptic right-wingers (I’m guessing) took to Twitter to express their sheer outrage at the Supreme Court decision and threatened to ’move to Canada’ to escape socialized medicine. I sorely wish that was a typo, but it is much too much true. Perhaps these individuals will encourage citizens of Bahrain to move to Syria to escape despotism, or maybe pour gasoline on a fire to put it out. On the bright side, at least tea baggers are totally butchering and misrepresenting the history and public policies of a country other than their own.

This stunning display of willful ignorance–albeit hilarious–is almost as classic as when a bunch of angry old white people demand that the government not get involved in their Medicare, which was the equivalent of boycotting the highway system and then going on a cross-country road trip. So nobody inform these people of the ridiculously well-established fact that Canada not only has had a socialized form of health care since the 1950s, but universal health care. I want them be to be surprised.

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