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UK Establishment Media Wheel out UKIP Hypocrites over Foreign Workers Debacle

February 5, 2009

The establishment media has gone into overdrive to wheel out the hypocrites of the UK Independence Party.

The latest example is the appearance tonight on the BBC of UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who will be given the opportunity to wax lyrically about foreign workers taking British jobs - but Mr Farage will no doubt ignore the time less than two years ago when he stood by fellow UKIP MEP Roger Knapman’s own foreign workers’ debacle.

In 2006 Mr Knapman, who also said he opposed the EU, hired Polish builders to do up his country mansion. He recruited the workers through his son, whose company specialises in bringing foreign labour to Britain.

The Polish workers stayed at Mr Knapman’s grade-II listed home in the village of Coryton, west Devon, for over a year, sleeping dormitory-style in the attic.

The company run by Mr Knapman’s son claims that the imported labour costs up to 50 percent less than British workers. At the time, Mr Knapman, speaking to an undercover reporter, praised the men as “they work so much harder.”

Of the Poles, he said to the undercover reporter: “They have a very good work ethic and work so much harder than anyone over here. You know that they are not going to go off and do another job as they are there specifically for you. Many of the workers here just aren’t skilled enough to do the work involved in renovating an old property. These men work 10 hours a day, six days a week. It’s a 60-hour week but they want to do it.”

He said he could help arrange teams of Eastern Europeans to do renovations and building through a company run by his son, William, who had supplied the men working on his Devon property.

“He will bring over some Polish workers according to what you need and they won’t let you down. There are two or three different teams and whom you get depends on what job you need doing.”

William Knapman runs Billdar, a Polish-registered company that hires Eastern Europeans to work in Britain. The workers, whom he describes as being “like an army of ants,” are paid £50 per day — half the cost of a British builder.

He told the undercover reporter that he used mostly Polish workers and quoted £4,000 for two men working for six weeks, including the company’s fee.

Mr Farage defended Mr Knapman at the time, and stood loyally by him in the criticism which followed the exposure of that party’s blatant hypocrisy.

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