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For ROGER WATERS Fans - Radio K.A.O.S. the short film (1987)

Via smyletube... Part 1 & 2, (TRT: 19.24)
Radio K.A.O.S. is a 1987 concept album by former Pink Floyd bassist, singer songwriter Roger Waters. It is was his second solo album. This short-film video was produced to promote the album.

Radio KAOS is the story of twins Benny, a welsh coalminer, and Billy, his handicapped brother. Billy is special, he has the super natural ability to receive RADIO WAVES directly into his mind. The pit closes, the village is dying.

One night, drunk, after taking Billy on a pub crawl, Benny's anger overflows, as an act of defiance he smashes the window of a hi-fi shop and takes a cordless phone.

When the police come for Benny he hides the phone under the seat of Billy's wheelchair. Benny goes to prison; Billy is sent to LA to live with his great uncle David, who had gone to America during the War to work on the Atom Bomb project and stricken with remorse after Hiroshima, had never returned to Wales.

Billy is homesick, the cultural upheaval moving from South Wales to SUNSET STRIP makes him realise how many of us are forced from HOME by the market forces.

Billy experiments with the cordless phone, he learns to make calls, he accesses computers and speech synthesisers now he can communicate.

He makes friends with Jim the DJ at Radio KAOS a renegade rock station. Billy developes his power. He learns control. From the traffic lights of LA to the most sophisticated military computers the world of electronics becomes his oyster.

Billy decides to shock the world out of its market dominated, war mongering attitude, by simulating a global nuclear attack. FOUR MINUTES and counting. Silence, whiteout, blockout. "I just wanted everyone to know how it felt, you, me and the POWERS THAT BE! We will learn our lesson THE TIDE IS TURNING."

Part 1 - Radio K.A.O.S. (TRT: 9.56)
1.Radio Waves
2.Sunset Strip

Part 2 - Radio K.A.O.S. (TRT: 9.30)
3.The Fish Report
4.Four Minutes
5.The Tide is Turning

Musicians Featured (on complete CD album):
Roger Waters: Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitar and Keyboards
Andy Fairweather-Low: Electric Guitars
Jay Stapley: Electric Guitar
Mel Collins: Saxophone, Horns
Ian Ritchie: Drum/Fairlight Programming, Piano, Keyboards, Horns
Graham Board: Drums, Percussion
John Linwood: Drums
Nick Smith: DX7, Emu
Matt Irving: Hammond Organ
Paul Carrack: Vocals
Claire Torry: Vocals
Suzanne Rhatigan: Backing Vocals
Kate Kissoon: Backing Vocals
Doreen Chanter: Backing Vocals
Madeline Bell: Backing Vocals
Steve Langer: Backing Vocals
Vicky Brown: Backing Vocals
The Pontardoulais Male Voice Choir: Backing Vocals
John Phirkell: Horns

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