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Woman Pleads Guilty To Dismembering, Setting Fire To Disabled Man

Angela Simpson Tormented and Tortured Disabled Man
August 21, 2009 by Jaded

Phoenix, AZ - Terry Neely, 46, was last seen in his motorized wheelchair leaving his home at an assisted living complex on the evening of August 2. The next time anyone laid eyes on Neely, he was a charred and dismembered body left burning in a trash can. (Really folks, what’s with all the fires lately? Damn). Judging by the information being released, Neely didn’t go quickly or quietly – he had been systematically tortured for as many as three days. Now, who the hell would be so callous and cruel as to pick on a defenseless disabled guy? According to authorities, the smiling vixen you see here, Angela Simpson, might have had something to do with it. As a matter of fact, she ‘fessed up to being the callous and cruel human who made Neely’s last days on earth a living hell. And she told all to authorities in return for a candy bar.
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Angela Simpson

Emergency crews were called out to Covenant Grace Christian Fellowship Church to extinguish a trash bin on fire on August 5. After the flames were put out, the crew discovered a charred, dismembered, and mutilated dead guy. Officials were later able to identify the body, through fingerprints, as Neely. Through some good old fashioned police work and leads from the community, authorities soon found the original scene of the crime – an abandoned apartment often frequented by Simpson and some dude who goes by the name ‘Cracker.’

Inside the apartment, bloodstains. And lots of ‘em. Testing revealed the blood had, at one time, been in Neely’s body. The cops wanted to have a little palaver with Simpson – luckily for them, they knew exactly where to find the little scamp – she was already behind bars – being held on charges pertaining to an unrelated armed robbery. Simpson made the whole process easier for the cops. She offered to spill the beans about everything in exchange for a candy bar. Sated by chocolate, she began to tell a tale of vile cruelty.

For one reason or another, Simpson believed Neely was a snitch and was working with prosecutors. (Possibly on the armed robbery charge)? Well, for one reason or another, that really bothered the shit out of her and she felt the need to vent. She lured Neely into the apartment with the promise of sex, and once he was inside, Simpson began the torture. Keep in mind, investigators believe Neely had been alive and painfully aware throughout a good part of it all. Neely had been beaten with a tire iron and hammer. His teeth were pulled out. He had been strangled with a TV cable. His throat had been cut. He had been stabbed approximately 50 times. He had a 3-inch nail hammered into his brain. He had been dismembered. Good. Gawd. This bitch is beyond batshit crazy. After the crude dismemberment, Simpson borrowed a car from the apartment manager and tossed Neely’s body in the trunk. Video surveillance from a nearby elementary school captured a car matching the description of the manager’s vehicle traveling by with something big sticking out of the trunk. The video was from the day Neely’s body was found. After Simpson tossed Neely’s body, she returned the vehicle to it’s owner and confessed to “killing the guy in the wheelchair” and threatened to kill him if he spoke of it. All of the injuries she admitted to doling out were confirmed at autopsy. She was adamant with authorities that she had acted alone in the maiming, torturing, and flaming. Investigators aren’t 100% convinced that Simpson is the only person involved in the murder, but, they do believe that most of the heinous shit was committed by her. I betcha we’ll be hearing about Cracker pretty soon. Angela Simpson, 33, is being charged with first-degree murder.

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