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Time to face reality-by Farid Ghardy,Reform Party of Syria

Syrian-Iranian-led alliance’s clear aim is to destroy all regional democracies

Farid Ghadry Published: 01.06.10, 11:08 / Israel Opinion

MEMRI just enlightened us with a small Blog entry in al-Thawra (The Revolution) Syrian newspaper, which relates, indirectly, the ultimate aim of the Syrian-Iranian and recently added Turkish alliance. For the unwitting policy makers who engineered the Syrian and the Iranian engagement policy, this is no longer about defending the free nations in the region but now has become about survival of those nations. Subjugating Lebanon to the terror of Assad is the least of your problems.

To the dreamers who are still riveted to the notion of peeling Syria from Iran or from its destructive, resistant behavior, there is still room for hope. Adding Turkey, Lebanon, and Iraq to the list of countries to peel from not only Iran but Syria is but a minor detail.

To the ignoramuses who believe Assad and Ahmadinejad are "playing ball", please compute a simple cost-benefit analysis to understand the folly of your predictable losses vs. the possibility of your Lilliputian benefits. Or is it possible you are intentionally willing to accept to redraw the three democracies in the region Lebanon, Iraq, and Israel in support of tyranny?

To the intelligence community whose pursuit of information beyond reasonable expectations sometimes blinds them to see the forest, we ask that you revisit your compliant policy because there is no glory in despotism. No amount of intelligence from Assad is worth losing your credibility for. Maybe Assad's nuclear reactor was just a decoy to deflect your attention from much more sinister capabilities and his recent secret IAEA compliance falls within that strategy? We, Syrians, know better not to trust Assad. Maybe you should too.

To those who turn a blind eye to the excesses of Islamic extremism or nation-sponsored terrorism, we ask that you remind yourself of your watchman's duties to protect and serve. No spin doctor will save you from the wrath of the people who empowered you.

To those who saw Iraq from the prism of "To hell with the region and its barbarism", we remind you of another stated policy of the new axis of evil forming before our eyes. A close advisor to Assad said, after signing 50 new agreements with Erdogan of Turkey: "We are working to establish close ties between Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq so these countries can act as one regional bloc in order to promote peace, security and stability in the Middle East, while keeping the West's dictates and lust for the region's natural and oil resources at bay."

Evil exists in the world

Quitting on Iraq just amplified your problems. The best kept secret in the Arab world is the number of saboteurs Hezbollah and Hamas planted in Ad Dammam, Saudi Arabia and the IRGC infiltration of the security of Kuwait, UAE, and Qatar.

To those who do not fear the proliferation of WMD by rogue nations, we ask you to hold yourself accountable publicly when you are proven wrong and the region falls into an abyss engineered by your gratuitous understanding of how incomparable evil in the region is to the evil of Europe in 1939.

To those who fear wars and are committed to anti-war movements, it is important to revisit two history lessons: 1) Evil exists in this world and, 2) You can escape evil mentally but the buried 70 millions who died in vain in WWII is testimony you cannot escape it physically, no matter where you hide.

To those who are fighting for freedom, democracy, and human rights the world over with the same passion your ancestors pursued as they decreed the framework for democratic abundance, we ask that you fight back the unenlightened, the unwittingly naive, and the evil doers set to diminish what greatness remains within your hearts.

To those who supported the liberation of Iraq from a violent dictatorship, supported the liberation of Syria from a worse dictator, and now are supporting obliteration of the threat Iran poses, history is marching towards vituperation of your critics and acclamation of your vision.

To the group who wrote the Iraq Study recommendations headed by Baker and Hamilton, it is incumbent upon you to explain the stated goals and policies of a Syrian-Iranian-Turkish-Lebanese and soon Iraqi alliance whose clear aim is to destroy all the democracies in the region, with Israel as its first target. It is time to enlighten us with another divine oracle by a newly-formed Syrian-Iranian Study Group.

Farid Ghadry, Reform Party of Syria:

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