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Anarchy In NYC - April 20, 2013, Stefan Molyneux, Mike Shanklin, Adam Kokesh, and many more...
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Anarchy in NYC, April 20th, 2013 (links below):

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Statism Is Slavery
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Voluntary Virtues

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  • Holy fuck, what a post. Thankfully I'll be dead after the Mayan thing so I don't have to give a shit.

    Posted Dec-14-2012 By 

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  • Interesting stuff Mike. If I'm in NYC in April, I'd certainly stop by...

    Also, here on the WC, we have Andrej Grubacic and the rest of the folks keeping anarchist movement relevant and functional...

    Posted Dec-14-2012 By 

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    • @Justice Dealer

      I can't wait until someone guns you pests down. You cause traffic jams, disrupt business and make complete douche bags of yourselves in public. Pity you don't devote that much attention to actually educating yourselves and getting a fucking job.

      Posted Dec-15-2012 By 

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    • @EntitlementCentralNYC do you know who these speakers are? Do you know what they represent? I dont agree with them, but i'm just asking a question.

      Posted Dec-15-2012 By 

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    • @EntitlementCentralNYC

      I would respond to your tasteless insult if I had a clue what is it that you are trying to say. Moreover, I am sure you don't know either...

      Posted Dec-15-2012 By 

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    • @shanklinmike

      No, not at all. I am a bit surprised though, since I have never actually heard of the anarcho-capitalist...

      Posted Dec-15-2012 By 

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  • I'll be there! Adam Kokesh, a true American hero...

    Posted Dec-14-2012 By 

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  • sorry.. but i think i`ll be to stoned to show up that day.

    Posted Dec-14-2012 By 

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  • You'll be surprised to see how a "very simple concept" is twisted to suit whatever bigoted authoritarian notions people want to impose on others because of their personal emotional morality and religious dogma. Everything can be rationalized and "cooked" so they can talk about it in TERMS of the original SIMPLE concept that does not really suggest at all that it has anything to do with that special interest. Just take the issue of abortion, which is condensed into "right More..

    Posted Dec-15-2012 By 

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  • The male Emma Goldman!

    Posted Dec-15-2012 By 

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  • Had to leave after the first 20 seconds

    Posted Dec-14-2012 By 

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