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Major Garrett Takes On Obama on the Cold War "Conclusion"

Recently on Fox News, Major Garrett challenged Barack Obama for not mentioning America as playing the major role in ending the Cold War. As you all know, Obama's been on an apology tour across the world, taking blame for everything evil that has happened, but refusing to take credit for all the good America has done. This is the case in this instance, and Garrett wants to know if the sensitivities are such with the Russians that he can't bring himself to even hint that the United States of America was key to bringing about the end to the Cold War.

Mr. Obama keeps his usual path, and spreads the "accolades around" (much like the wealth, to those who don't deserve it) to make sure no one country or military entity can take majority credit. Barack simply refuses to acknowledge American exceptionalism, and for the life of me, I can't understand why more people don't see this. He's not only trying to "level the playing field" here at home on social issues, he's also trying to "level the playing field" across the globe, giving everyone equal credit for everything good than has happened in recorded history, regardless of who's made the most sacrifices to achieve that good.

This stupid defeatocrat is going to get all of us killed, and there will no longer be a superior country to which the rest of the world can count on to stand up for them in the face of unapologetic global bullies. Obama voters are the scourge of this society, and it is not hard to recognize; that is, unless of course, you don't walk through life with your eyes closed.

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Added: Jul-12-2009 
By: MsUnderestimated
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