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Jewish Ami Meshulam:Please help us!

Ihab Salim-Independent journalist-Sandviken-Sweden:

Jewish Ami Meshulam sent a distress on its website in order to stand with him and his cause after being expelled from Israel after his father Rabbi Uzi Meshulam disclosed the kidnapping and sale of human organs to the innocent Jewish children in Israel according what he said,he said in his letter:

My name is Emanuel Yedidya (Ami) Meshulam - son of Rabbi Uzi Meshulam of Yehud, There is nothing left for me to do other than cry out from the depths of my soul and beg you, in the name of justice, for your help and to call, together with us, for an official committee of investigation that is open for the entire Israeli people to see how my father was hounded and how his blood was spilt, forcing him to be bed-bound, by corrupt authorities who have control of all governmental and security offices in Israel and use this control in the worst possible way by weaving lies and destroying reputations via the press. They also make ugly attempts to wipe us out. Since 1987, they have hounded us and attempted to instill fear in us, Meshulam’s family and pupils, in ways that are beyond belief.
It might sound like what they call “something out of science fiction” but they are experienced in hounding people and hurting them, leaving no evidence or signs behind them. It is my duty to record the following in order that the Israeli public not say one day that they didn’t know and that they’d never heard anything on the subject.
I intend to tell the painful, terrible story briefly and I hope that it will engender a reaction from people with a conscience and that they will demand justice for those who are innocent and are being hounded.

The Background

The meeting at the Shin Bet headquarters and the carrot and stick tactics

It was the end of 1987. My father had got together much documentary evidence about the Mossad’s kidnapping, medical experimentations on and sale of Yemenite children in the first years of the State, and he was summoned to the Shin Bet headquarters at 2 Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem. He met someone there who presented himself as Ilan Raz. This Ilan, who is feared by many prominent people, explained to my father that he had set up this meeting in order to drive home why my father should stop trying to investigate the terrible crime committed by the corrupt authorities. He began by offering my father the “carrot”: the job of Chief Rabbi of Israel for life in addition to other tempting suggestions. He was soon to discover that nothing, tempting as it may be, could make my father, for whom the Bible, the truth and the love of Israel came first and foremost, deviate from his quest for moral, legal and religious justice.
When Ilan Raz realized that my father could not be “bought”, he changed his strategy to that of “the whip”, meaning that he began a campaign of hounding my father and his family using different tactics such as convincing the press to smear my father’s name, in order that he end up in jail. In fact, this was Ilan’s way of destroying my father with the agreement of a public incited by the press.
My father was not afraid and he continued to seek the truth and justice in the name of his brothers, the people of Israel, all the while bearing in mind the laws of the Holy Bible and the laws of the State of Israel (which does not implement the laws that it makes).
But Ilan kept his promise and until 1988 he used his personal tactics against my father whilst my father was engaged in getting personal testimonials from the families of the kidnapped children.

The first independent audio exposition

In 1988, my father sent out 3 audiocassettes to the general public describing the kidnappings, telling of the attempt to keep them quiet and of Ilan Raz’s threats. This was cause for the corrupt authorities to remove their kid gloves and they began to hound my mother and me too. I was still a young child and they came to my school and threatened me. This was to be extremely traumatic for me and I did not, as a result, have a proper childhood. Unfortunately, they did not stop there.

The Rabbi’s narrow escape from devious physical assassination (he was wounded) and the beginning of his character assassination
In 1991 there was devious attempt to assassinate my father. It was only through the help of G-d that he was saved from death but he sustained a wound in his sciatic nerve from the bullet that went into his leg and still causes him excruciating phantom pain according to the doctors and specialists. At the time, my father was not famous, but the press began to besmirch his name and call him “the guru from Yehud” or “the leader of a sect” even though nobody knew who he was.

The Rabbi petitions members of the Knesset and brings about a Sitting at the Knesset
We went through hard times while my father was recovering from his wound. He then began to address the press and to petition members of the Knesset in an attempt to find a solution for the terrible crime that has been committed.
The only replies he had from the petition to members of the Knesset were from M.K. Raanan Cohen and M.K. David Magen but his meeting with them yielded nothing. It actually did quite the opposite: it brought about a mudslinging campaign via the press whereby we had desecrated the Knesset synagogue. This was a pure lie.

Continuation of independent exposition via a play and then a pamphlet
When my father saw that nobody was going to help him, he decided to bring the matter to the attention of the public on his own. He produced a play with taped testimonials and documentary evidence about the crime committed. Three months later he issued the first pamphlet in which he told the story of the families of the kidnapped children and included much documentary evidence about the crime committed.
That pamphlet was disseminated throughout the country and, in that way, my father was able to bypass the regulated press and the impermeability of the establishment and expose the crime committed. These steps taken by my father caused the corrupt authorities to go a step further and to incite against my father in a way that would totally destroy my father, his family and his pupils.

The police, in an act of incitement, besieges the Rabbi’s house – the Yehud incident
The corrupt authorities systematically incited against my father. They harmed him, his family and his pupils physically, with the help of the army, the police and the Special Forces, which they enlisted in great numbers.
The forces besieged our house and disseminated the news to the press that an eccentric sect was entrenched in a house in Yehud. From the outset, it was obvious that the forces intended to carry out the threats issued by Ilan Raz. A sniper shot directly into the neck of Yehiel Ben Abu, a pupil of my father’s, and it is a miracle that he survived. This was only a few minutes after my father had spoken to representatives of the police, Major General Gabi Lest and Brigadier General Yaakov Raz, and asked them why they were besieging the house. It was obvious that they had instructions from above and that the aim was to destroy my father and put an end to his attempt to expose a terrible crime.

Knesset members come to the house in Yehud and sign an agreement with Rabbi Uzi and the police representative
The next day – it was the eve of Pessach – a number of Knesset members, amongst them Avraham Poraz and Dov Shilansky, came to our house. They represented their political parties (Likud, Labor, Mafdal, Meretz) and, together with the police, they signed and agreement with my father. The basic points were as follows:

There would be a public Parliamentary investigation committee dealing with the matter of the crime of the kidnapping and sale of the Yemenite children.
The police would investigate the Yehud events under the supervision of a lawyer of our choice. The police department that investigates police conduct would deal with our complaint regarding police provocation. In this document, the police admitted that the weapons we had were under license.
We all shook hands and MK Dov Shilansky said that he was proud to have his name on an agreement together with that of my father. Even the police officers understood that they had made a mistake, which is why they agreed to sign the document. They even assisted in getting the Rabbi’s pupils who had been arrested to get home in time before the Pessach holiday came in. Everyone was happy that there was a solution in sight for terrible injustice and that the corrupt authorities had decided to atone for their crimes.
Unfortunately, however, our happiness was short-lived: a day or two later, the police began to systematically break the agreement, and they even went as far as to state that they considered the agreement to be null and void and that they intended to arrest my father.

The police callously breaks the agreement
It was quite obvious that they were not interested in arresting my father, but rather in destroying him and his name. But how to do that in such a way that it looks “natural”? Well, they besieged the house for 2 whole months. During that time, my father took me and his pupils to the television studios to appear live on Dan Margalit’s program. No attempt was made to arrest him there either. Whilst our house was being besieged, they continued to leak information to the public about this crazy group of dangerous people entrenched in a house with a large stock of weapons. And of course, once they had formed public opinion and everybody believed that my father was “crazy”, “weird” and “leader of a sect”, it would be much easier to carry out what they wanted to do. Not one single one of the many media sources covering the events reported the fact that hordes of people came to our house every day to tell about family members who had been kidnapped, to collect information about our cause, or simply to express support for my father.

The massacre by the police and the end of the siege
My father arranged to meet with General Police Commissioner Assaf Hefetz, representative of the authorities, for one reason: to avoid bloodshed. When my father arrived at the meeting, there was an attempt to kill him in the dark. Luckily, the attempt failed and he said to Assaf Hefetz: “You wanted me? Well, here I am. But you will not shed blood in my home.” Unfortunately, this statement did not help and at this moment, under cover of darkness, thousands of police and army combatants, as well as snipers surrounded our house. There was also a helicopter loitering above and four great big bulldozers (D-9) around the house. They cut off the electricity and the phone lines and started to shoot indiscriminately at the house in which my mother and my young brothers, aged between 6 months and 5 were sleeping. The bullets shattered the windows and whizzed over the head of my 5 year-old brother. They continued to shoot mercilessly and one of the snipers made a direct hit at the neck of Shlomi Assoulin, a pupil whom my father loved like a son. And this is how Shlomi, only 21, a distinguished army officer loved by everybody who knew him, was murdered in cold blood.

The trial with the obvious outcome – like that of Dreyfus
Then came the trial with the obvious outcome where my father and some of his pupils were not even given the basic right to defend themselves properly. The Dreyfus-style trial resulted in my father and those pupils being sent to jail for several years where my father’s basic rights were not given him and were he suffered continual abuse, clearly ordered by “instructions from above”. Even the prison authorities couldn’t understand why we were not allowed to visit my father for a long period of time.

The injection of dangerous substances into the Rabbi’s body in order to silence him
My father was moved to Shata prison in Emek Israel where the corrupt authorities injected substances into his body for one reason only: to make it look as though his whole body system had collapsed on its own. My father immediately lost consciousness and was rushed to Haemek Hospital in Afula. The entire area around the hospital was surrounded by police and security forces and we, the worried members of his family, were not allowed to go and see him. Worse, we were not even allowed to know anything about his condition, how he was feeling and what was happening with him.

The Rabbi is released from prison in need of constant nursing care
In 1999, my father was released from prison. His whole body system was in a state of collapse and he was bed-bound. His body was full of scars caused, according to a skin doctor who had been to see him in his cell, by insect bites. He was released from prison on the condition that he keep away from the matter of the Yemenite children.

The authorities enlist collaborators among the Rabbi’s pupils to incite the Rabbi’s son, family and pupils against him
Whilst my father was in prison and after he came out too, the authorities tried to create chaos amid my father’s pupils. They had two goals: one was to spread lies, fabrications and falsehoods about my father, his family and his pupils and the other was to incite against my father whilst at the same time incapacitating his genuine pupils. For this purpose, they enlisted collaborators amid my father’s pupils, enticing them with promises of material rewards or persuading them with threats. These pupils were at the service of the authorities and, unfortunately, most of them succeeded in inciting some of the people who were closest to us, some of whom were members of the family.
Those among my father’s pupils who realized what was happening and saw the extent of the damage that the collaborators were inflicting decided that they wanted no contact whatsoever with them and cut off from them completely.

If we thought that things couldn’t get worse, we turned out to be very wrong…

Because then the second phase began…

The authorities persecute Ami, the Rabbi’s son, openly
In 2002, not long after my first son was born, the corrupt authorities began to harass me, asserting that I was continuing what my father had begun and attempting to uncover the crimes committed against the Yemenite children. I told them that I didn’t know what they were talking about and that I was only a young boy at the time and that I had nothing to do with the subject. They, of course, were not interested in anything I had to say and they summoned me for dozens of investigations during which they put much psychological pressure on me to give them “the abundant documentary evidence that my father had given me”. I have never seen any of this so-called evidence, nor do I have any in my possession.

The terrible methods used by the authorities: destruction, intimidation, pressure, threats
They conducted the investigations on the Sabbath and the holidays, late at night, and I was not allowed to let anyone know what I was going through. They warned me that, if I dared say anything, the public would claim that I was imagining things and that I was crazy. In addition, they told me about how they had “dealt” with several famous people who had not obeyed them.
One example was that of a renowned journalist who had investigated crimes committed by the authorities and wanted to expose them. They summoned him. He was sure that he was coming for a normal investigation, conducted under the auspices of a civilized democratic state but was, unfortunately, wrong. They injected cancer cells into his throat in order to shut him up and they told him that if he told anyone about what they had done, everybody would think that he was crazy. In addition, they threatened to harm his family in a way that cannot be traced back to them and looks to be inevitable, like a road accident for example.

“Either you bring all your father’s documents or you leave the country for good, or else…”
During the investigations I was told that I had two choices: to give them the evidence they claimed I had or to leave the country for good. If I left the country and told anyone anything, they would find me and my family everywhere, in Israel and abroad, and they would also harm my friends and their children.

We will frame you and your father for murder and we will make sure that it looks like you have done it
I have none of the evidence that they claim I have and I asked them what would happen if I refused to leave the country. Their answer sent shivers down my spine: “if what we have threatened you with so far is not enough, we would like to remind you of something that happened some time ago” and they told me about a doctor who worked for the prison services called Dr. Yaakov Ziegelbaum. The doctor liked my father, he knew about the substances that were being injected into him and was very concerned. In the end, so the authorities told me, he knew too much and they liquidated him! When the news came out, they accused Rabbi Uzi Meshulam of making up the story and this way, they killed two birds with one stone. They then reminded me that, soon afterwards, they arrested my brother-in-law Noam and several other pupils with a lot of media coverage…they were quietly released about two weeks later, but the authorities had succeeded in their quest to discredit them. In answer to my question what would happen if I didn’t leave the country, they said they would publish a newspaper article and spin a tale whereby my father and myself had perpetrated the murder. They would pad the tale with other innocent pupils who would end up serving life sentences, and, that way, we would all be totally destroyed.
I told that that they knew perfectly well that we have nothing to do with the murder and they themselves admitted that they had committed it…
In order to show how serious they were, they told me that they had not closed my brother-in-law Noam’s police file, just in case I refused to leave the country. If I agreed to leave, my brother-in-law would have no more problems…
Strangely enough, my brother-in-law has been out of the country several times with no problems despite the fact that they had “reserved themselves the right” not to close his criminal file “just in case” they needed to bring out the story anew.

That is how, under threat, I was forced to leave Israel
And so I had no choice but to leave. ,on 28th November 2005, I left Israel and was force to request asylum in Canada. I left with my wife, my three young children and my brother-in-law. We arrived in Canada to the freezing cold of the Canadian winter without knowing the language or the place, in the hope that they would keep their promise not to harm my family and friends.

I am having similar physical symptoms to those of my father
But they didn’t keep their promise…I asked for the hearing in my asylum case to be open to the public. A short time later, my blood sugar shot up sky high. It then went back to normal with no medical intervention and the doctors were stymied (such a thing is impossible in natural diabetes)

Despite their promise that they would leave me alone if I left Israel, the corrupt authorities are not keeping their word
Two of my friends who the authorities claimed had also been involved in the things I had been accused of came to visit us in Canada on Rosh Hashana to be part of the “minyan”and to testify in the asylum case. Wonder of wonders! The hearing was postponed. And suddenly, around the time that the hearing was due to take place, an article was published in Israel about Israelis requesting asylum in Canada and the lies they tell about social, political and religious persecution. The article said that Israel was asking Canada to provide information (!) about those seeking asylum. Israel also wanted Canada to discuss each individual case – this is a violation of the Geneva Convention!!!
(Investigating the matter of the newspaper article, I discovered that it had been taken off a Human Rights Internet site called “Bambili” where it had been posted about 6 months ago, and it was definitely not a “new” or “news” item)
I realized that the Israeli authorities were doing all they could to postpone the public asylum hearing in order to make the false accusations before I told my story to the world here in Canada.
The friends who came here to testify for me are people with respectable jobs who cannot spend an undetermined amount of time here because they need to get back to work. The corrupt authorities understand that and are waiting for my friends to go back home and then to make their false accusations. My friends will be arrested and we will all suffer. Nobody will know that the whole thing was planned this way by the corrupt authorities because the hearing was postponed and our story has thus not been told.
Since there is nothing for us to do other than cry out, we ask you to tell our story and to pass this letter on to everyone that you know.

Until when??

Please help us to prevent the spilling of the blood of father, of his family and of his pupils. In the name of truth and justice, join us in our call for a public official investigation that will put an end to persecution and make amends for the injustice done to my father .

In the same context,on 14/8/2009,The students of Rabbi Uzi sent an appeal to to save the family of Ami Meshulam,they said in the Hebrew language:(Rabbi Uzi family living in Canada since 28.11.05,did not hold a hearing on their legal status in Canada,where his daughter Ami who was born in Canada subjected attempted kidnapping,the family are subjected to constant pressure and threats,democracy in Israel is not democratic,we call on people to say no more fear,we appeal to ensure the life of the family in Canda.

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