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Did the U.S. kill Bin Laden
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Did the U.S. kill Bin Laden because a Pakistani officer came forward to collect $25million reward?
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 8:18 PM on 9th August 2011

An expert in national security is challenging the details of the raid that took down the world’s top terror leader in an explosive report.
RJ Hillhouse, a former rum and jewel smuggler who runs the blog, cites sources that contend it was a Pakistani intelligence officer who came forward to U.S. authorities.
The officer said he had knowledge of Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts, and was interested in cutting a deal.

I spy: RJ Hillhouse writes that a Pakistani intelligence officer - and not a bin Laden courier - led the U.S. to the compound where the terror leader was hiding outThis would dispute the widely published reports that a courier working for bin Laden was the catalyst for the famous Navy SEAL Team Six mission.
'Forget the cover story of waterboarding-leads-to-courier-leads-to bin Laden,' Hillhouse writes, referring to the New York Times analysis of the raid.
The agreement included the roughly $25million reward offered by the State Department for information leading to the Al Qaeda leader.

'We got him': Obama's reaction after Bin Laden's death was said to have been relatively mutedThe State Department said it would not comment on Ms Hillhouse's blog.
The unknown officer also wished to secure American citizenship for his family, Ms Hillhouse writes.
The officer allegedly told U.S. officials the Saudis were paying off Pakistan and their intel agency (ISI) to keep bin Laden hidden in the Abottabad compound.

Target: Neighbours gather outside the Abbottabad compound after the death of Osama Bin LadenHis information, Ms Hillhouse claims, led to the intelligence gathering that brought the CIA to Abottobad, Pakistan, where bin Laden had been living.
It has been reported that President Obama sought four helicopters to cover the SEALs as they headed out of Pakistan, but were not needed because Pakistani authorities were unaware that the Americans had even entered their airspace.
But Millhouse claims the Pakistani military, as well as the ISI, not only knew about the American raid, but also cooperated.
She wrote: 'It had always seemed very far-fetched to me that a helicopter could crash and later destroyed in an area with such high military concentration without the Pakistanis noticing.'

Mystery: The identity of the Seal who shot Bin Laden will never be revealed, and is not even known by President Obama

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