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Bigfoot, blurred and obscured
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since my cam is not working im gonna have to do this the old fashioned way>_<

SO, weve all probably seen the thing with bigfoot right?sure i sorta believe in bigfoot, but when any pics surface they are blurry and of very bad quality. and the same with UFO's and Chupacabra, pictures are very blurred and if they come out clear its most likely a fake.

I have seen a UFO's with my own eyes and i know that UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object and that i what i have seen, something i couldnt explain what was moving on the sky unlike any plane would do. and with out all the blinking lights that a plane has. my last "sighting" was but 2 weeks ago. annywho derailing a tad now^^,

Now, Bigfoot. the clearest pictures and movie we have of bigfoot was back iiiin..1965-67 something nooo im not gonna look it up:P
and even that has been called fake, i havent seen bigfoot "in real life" and all theese "experts" that go around saying that this HAS to be bigfoot because they know how bigfoot walks like, and the sounds that it makes and so forth and so back.

but, with the technoligy that is out there now, isnt it very possible to create what you THINK bigfoot's screams sounds like?yes it is, and all the pictures of mythical animals and things are blurred and obscured, so that you can barely make out what is what. AND you can always tell that the person presenting the "find" seems a tad TOO excited, suuuuurreee i might be an exciting "find" but, the evidence is too unclear, to little and almost always labeled as fake by otrher experts who have studdied the tape or pictures.

But, then again..nobody knows, they might claim to know but, then they just start to look all to simmilare to religous peoples...little or no evidence, easely forged evidence, blurred pictures, stories that change every time you hear them.

Im all for theese bigfoot investigations, theyr all fun and games, but, they fail time and time again to produce any real evidence, except for easely forged photos or vids. just take a look at the pics i took from a norwegian news site. can YOU tell whats in any of theese pics? to me it looks like a shadow or maybe teh shadow of a tree made to look like bigfoot, and the other on just looks like a massive closeup of either a moose mouth or a dead monkey. and if the damn thing was dead, why in the name of everything didnt they get a picture of the WHOLE boddy?!not just the mouth or whatever that is:P you have a dead bigfoot in your hands and you take a super closeup of its MOUTH?! what the fuck?! like i said i sorta believe in bigfoot, UFO's and chupacabra but, damnit people get some more hightech cameras to get good pics of them!jeebus...

my own little..weird theory is that bigfoot is possibly a experiment gone wrong, maybe "bigfoot" was supossed to be a hybrid soldier of sorts, unseen inheard untill its to late. thats only a theory peoples. soo ease up on the sarchastic remarks;)
well ill leave the pics to do some blurred and obscured talking^^,

Added: Aug-16-2008 
By: Blackend_
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