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Addressing Jews controlling the US media and political will.

Okay I would like to start by saying I AM NOT JEWISH. Troll comments will be deleted meaning if you cannot dispute this with "facts" then save your time I will just delete them and rob you of the attention you need so dearly. I just cannot stand to hear it anymore so I made this knowing that it probably wont do anything but make me feel better so please read the whole thing.

The Picture is a depiction of Shylock from Shakspeares "Merchant Of Venice" one of the first most widely known forms of Jew hatred(I dont like the term anti-semitism) from a man who
admittedly never met one as the English expelled all Jews in 1290. I do enjoy Shakespeare though, I would enjoy Mein Kampf if Hitler wasnt a self absored closet case homosexual sociopath.

First off the jews control the media. Blatant outright lie; there is not ONE single major media outlet or Conglomerate that has a majority or even noticeable jewish executive branch or stock ownership that I can find. NOT ONE....

FOX- Rupert Murdoch(from the new top socialist facist state who recently banned Aborigines from looking at porn) (chairman), David DeVoe, Peter Chernin, Arthur Siskind, Chase Carey, Viet Dinh, Rod Eddington, Andrew Knight, Lachlan Murdoch, Peter Barnes, Rod Paige, Thomas Perkins, Kenneth Cowley, Jose Maria Aznar, and John L. Thornton.

Any jews there? Not that I can find.

CNN-Richard D. Parsons, Chairman/CEO of Time Warner Inc.
Jeffrey L. Bewkes, President/COO of Time Warner Inc.

Randy Falco, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AOL LLC
Glenn A. Britt, President and CEO of Time Warner Cable
Barry M. Meyer, Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Bill Nelson, Chairman and CEO of Home Box Office
Philip I. Kent, Chairman and CEO of Turner Broadcasting System
Ann S. Moore, Chairman and CEO of Time Inc.
Robert Shaye, Co-Chairman and Co-CEO of New Line Cinema
Michael Lynne, Co-Chairman and Co-CEO of New Line Cinema

Any Jews there? Maybe Jeff Bewkes?? Oh no they just started letting Jews in Stanford recently right?

MSNBC is not even worth doing as its owned by Mircrosoft and if you dont know who runs that company you should not even be reading this.

Now lets just throw the top ten richest in here and see what we see.

1 William Gates III 59.0 51 Medina, WA Microsoft
2 Warren Buffett 52.0 77 Omaha, NE Berkshire Hathaway
3 Sheldon Adelson 28.0 74 Las Vegas, NV casinos, hotels
4 Lawrence Ellison 26.0 63 Redwood City, CA Oracle
5 Sergey Brin 18.5 34 Palo Alto, CA Google
5 Larry Page 18.5 34 San Francisco, CA Google
7 Kirk Kerkorian 18.0 90 Los Angeles, CA investments, casinos
8 Michael Dell 17.2 42 Austin, TX Dell
9 Charles Koch 17.0 71 Wichita, KS oil, commodities
9 David Koch 17.0 67 New York, NY oil, commodities
11 Paul Allen 16.8 54 Mercer Island, WA Microsoft, investments

Hmmm no Jews there, maybe Sheldon Adelson but I hardly would see how a college drop out who hit it rich by buying casino stocks 3 years ago controls anything.

Now on to political will.

54% of American Jews are for a Palestinian State. (,7340,L-3318444,00.html)

There have been something like 70 Jewish politicians since this country was founded?? 98% Democrats by the way. There are currently 13 serving today; how is that power?

2% of our population is Jewish, that means a vast majority of the people reading this have never even met a jew. How does 2% of any population control it?? Especially when they are not the richest and do not hold many positions of power?

Psychology dictates hate usually comes from fear; so what have the Jews done to make people fear them?? And please dont say Israel as Jews were hated long before that. With that logic in mind should we not be more worried about the largest heritage in the United States being German??? Or having a President who openly and with pride admits his actions are dictated by Gods will? Well I will wrap it up there, I know there is plenty I left out. If you made it this far thanks for reading.

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