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Woman falling from tower blocked by cables

She went there after quarrel with her family. After four hours she was exhausted and slipped off the tower. Fortunately the cables blocked her from falling onto the ground.

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Intern reporter Li Yichuan Zhang read Babe Wen Xue Ping Wei Figure

2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, a woman climbed a high-voltage tower near the intersection of South Third Ring Road, Zhengzhou City Pik Road wet, want to commit suicide. The face of the rescue, the woman refused. Stalemate after nearly two hours, the woman suddenly fall from the high-voltage tower. In the crowd sigh, the woman miraculously lower pressure column line hang upside down vacant.

After a power outage, firefighters used a ladder truck will be "card" woman rescued after being rushed to hospital. Diagnosed, the woman just hanging leg injury, does not matter.

"A woman wearing pajamas to climb up to 15 meters of high-voltage tower want to commit suicide." 14:26 yesterday, the public Mr. Yang called the hotline. Pick clues, reporters rushed to the scene. Pik Wan Road near Buddha Kong San Tsuen next to the high-voltage tower, the reporter with the enlarged image, you can see the intention to jump tower woman wearing a light pink pajamas, a yellow short hair. She sat on the fourth floor of the high-voltage tower (from the bottom), about 15 meters from the ground. The face of the propaganda of the rescue workers, the woman seemed indifferent.

Near Buddha Village villagers Lee said "woman more than 12:00 to climb over the high-voltage tower blocked by passers-by, she did not go up, I did not expect, every two hours, and her climb." .

In the high pressure column, the reporter noted that firefighters laying two rescue cushions. Before the woman sitting on the the 4 layer east side of the high pressure column. Somehow, she later moved to the west side in order to ensure her safety, we rescue cushions laid in Tacitus twenty-seven fire a squadron of General Staff Chen said.

As time goes on, more and more onlookers, the woman showed mental stress, and a few times to make touch high-voltage action. Have issued under the tower exclaimed the woman heard the cry, stop the dangerous move.

"Where the woman is over 20,000-volt high-voltage tower, due to the high-pressure radiation radius is 3 meters, women's location could not rescue. Guarantee security, we have emergency contact the staff of the power company in Zhengzhou." One firefighters said.

3:00 am, Zhengzhou City, the power company repair personnel rushed to the scene, confirmed that the woman in which the high voltage of 220 kV. Emergency referrals, 15:30 Xu, the transmission line has been suspended.

Multi ready to rescue the woman on the high-voltage tower unexpected accidents. In 16:25 woman body suddenly fell from the high-voltage tower 4 layers, but still falling, despite her hand scratching. Amid the screams of the crowd, the woman fell on the high-voltage tower 2 tower online. In this case, the woman one leg was stuck upside down the whole body hanging in the air.

Woman stuck a leg slip at any time may firefighters enabled emergency adjust the location of the fire cushion while the ladder truck, two firefighters successfully rescued the woman was stuck waiting at the scene emergency personnel immediately Women were examined, and rushed Zheng big five affiliated hospital. According to police, the woman jump tower suspected due to be angry with his family.

Last night, the reporter learned from Zheng Big Five Affiliated Hospital, the woman was not hurt, just the legs have a significant Guaceng scars. At present, the woman had already been picked up by their families. Jie Yun Road police station is to do further investigation on the matter.

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