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Hamas Interior Minister: We are Egyptians and Saudis, Allahu Akbar!

Just listen to this psychotic scumbag of Hamas, he admits that there's no such people as Palestinians. The family names (Nisbah نسبة) of Arabs who are now occupying Judea reveal their country of origin:
"Masri" or "al-Masri" = from Egypt. Hamas member of Parliament in Gaza, Mushir al-Masri is from Egypt (the word "Masri" literally means "the Egyptian" in Arabic).
"Khamis" = from Bahrain "Salem Hanna Khamis."
"al-Ubayyidi" or "al-Obeidi"= from Sudan "al-Ubayyid."
"al-Faruqi" = Mosul, Iraq.
"al-Araj" = Morocco, a member of the Saadi Dynasty "Hussein al-Araj."
"al-Lubnani" = the Lebanese.
"al-Mughrabi" = the Moroccan ("Maghreb,'' meaning "West" in Arabic, and usually is referring to North Africa or specifically to Morocco), "Dalal Mughrabi"
"al-Djazair" = the Algerian.
"al-Qurashi" = Saudi Arabia "clan of Quraish."
"al-Azd" = Yemen "Azd tribe."
"al-Yamani"= the Yemeni "Issam Al Yamani."
"al-Afghani" = the Afghan.
"al-Sidawi" = from "Sidon" Lebanon.
"al-Fayyumi" = from "Faiyum" Egypt.
"al-Hijazi" or "Hijazi" = present-day Saudi Arabia "Ahlam Higazi, a "Palestinian" artist from Hebron.
"al-Hindi" = the Indian "Amin al-Hindi."
"al-Tamimi" or "Tamimi" = from the tribe or clan of Banu-Tamim "Azzam Tamimi."
"Hamati" = from Syria ( Hama city).
"Omayya" = from Saudi Arabia "Banu Omayya tribe" "Omayya Joha" "Palestinian artist."
"Othman" = Turkey.
"Murad" = Yemen "Murad tribe."
"Alawi" = from Syria (minority religious group in Syria).
"Iraqi" = from Iraq.
"Halabi" = from Aleppo, Syria.
"Dajani" = from Saudi Arabia.
"Mattar" = from Yemen (the village of Bani Mattar).
"al-baghdadi" = from Bagdad, Iraq.
"Tarabulsi" = Tarabulus-Tripoli, Lebanon.
"Hourani" = Houran, Syria.
"Zubeidi" = from Iraq "Zubeidi tribe" "Zakaria Zubeidi."
"al-Husayni" = Saudi Arabia.
"Saudi" = Saudi Arabia.
"Metzarwah" = Egypt.
"Bardawil" = "Salah Bardawil" Hamas legislator in Gaza, Egypt "Bardawil lake" area.
"Nashashibi" = Syria.
"Bushnak" = Bosnia.
"Zoabi"= from Iraq "Haneen Zoabi.''
"Turki" = Turkey "Daud Turki.''
"al-Kurd" = Kurdistan.
"Haddadins" = Yemen, descended from Ghassanid Christian Arabs.
"Arab Abu-Kishk" = Egypt (Bedouins).
"Arab al-Shakirat" = Egypt (Bedouins).
"Arab al-Zabidat" = Egypt (Bedouins).
"Arab al-Aramsha" = Egypt (Bedouins).
"Abu Sitta" = In Arabic Abu means father and sitta means six. Translated it actually means father of six. The Abu Sitta family primarily received this name because around the year 1700, a well known Knight of the large al-Tarabeen tribe always had six slaves (i.e., fedawyah, bodyguards), three on each side, with him. They were with him wherever he went, day or night, hence the name "ABU SITTA." =Egypt (Bedouins) "Salman Abu Sitta."
"Nuba, Hebron" = founded by the "Nuba people."

Even Arafat, the most famous Fakestinian and leader of the terrorist group the P.L.O, was not native to Judea. He called himself a "Palestinian refugee" and claimed he was born in Jerusalem! But he spoke Arabic with an Egyptian dialect. He was born in 1929 Cairo, Egypt. He served in the Egyptian army, studied at the University of Cairo, and lived in Cairo until 1956!
Arafat's full name was Mohammed Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa al-Husseini.
Is the name "Al-Qudwa" his tribe origin?

-Professor Azmi Bishara (Arabic: عزمي بشارة), a "Palestinian Arab": "There is no Palestinian nation, when were there any Palestinians?
Until the end of the 19th century, Palestine was the south of "Greater Syria" another recent invention. There is only an Arab nation!
The word "Palestine" is a colonial invention used by the ancient Romans in order to erase the Jewish identity of Judea and Israel.
Even the "Palestinian National Charter" recognizes all the Jews living in the region prior to the 1948 war as "Palestinians,'' it's an intellectual fad, divorced from the concerns of uneducated people."

-Zuheir Mohsen (Arabic: زهير محسن), top P.L.O. member who was responsible for the Damur massacre: "The "Palestinian people" does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a "Palestinian people.''

For more information, please Google "Old Yishuv.''

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