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UC Davis Freedom of Expression brochure 2011

Seems some people on here need to get their facts straight about UC Davis. Yes people have the right to protest but there is policy and procedures that must be followed.

We have seen the footage of the protesters clearly being warned they would be pepper sprayed. This was followed by LL'rs saying they have a right well according to this and what we are "hearing" they broke the rules so the Campus Police were acting within their scope.

"-Individuals have wide latitude for expressing their views, but certain conduct is unlawful or violates University policy. Those who engage in activities such as

making threats of violence toward specific individuals, disturbing the peace,

obstructing or disrupting campus functions, or behavior that threatens health and

safety may be prosecuted and/or disciplined."

"Peaceful Protest: Rights and Expectations

Throughout US history, individuals and groups have exercised the right to engage in

dissent and protest, including actions such as demonstrations, picketing, displaying or

carrying signs or posters, burning the American flag, or engaging in vigils. Most peaceful

protest and related expression in public places is protected by the First Amendment and

University policies. But such expression is limited when necessary to prevent

interference with lawful functions/activities (such as disrupting classes or offices,

obstructing entrances or exits, causing traffic congestion), or to protect other important

rights (endangering safety, breaching the peace/public order, infringing others' rights to

free speech, privacy)."

"Time, place and manner

The campus regulates how expression occurs (when/where it takes place, and the

means of communication used) to prevent interference with its functions and activities. "

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By: aa316
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