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40 killed, 5 enemy tanks and vehicles destroyed in Parwan battle
Zabihullah Mujahid

Wednesday, 23 Rajab 1433Wednesday, 13 June 2012 08:56 PARWAN, Jun. 13 – According to the latest news as many as 40 US-led invaders and local puppets have so far been killed and about two dozens injured as well as 2 armored tanks and 3 rangers vehicles being destroyed in the battle unleashing

Wednesday morning in Siyagard district of Afghanistan’s northern Parwan province and is still underway.

Mujahideen officials say the fighting broke out after the combined invaders and minions’ joint military convoys of about 300 tanks and military vehicles got caught in Mujahideen ambush at about 6:00 a.m. local time on the outskirts of this district. A new report indicates that the fighting is still going on, besides the fatalities caused to the enemies, more than 20 of the joint enemy soldiers have been deadly wounded.

Locals say the dead and wounded have been carried away from the fighting site through 9 ambulance vehicles. Three Mujahideen have become martyrs with five more wounded who are reported to be in stable condition.






The American wants to involve other countries just to flee but ...

Friday, 25 Rajab 1433Friday, 15 June 2012 04:10The whole world knows that after the announcement of the ‘Alfarooq’ jihadi operation on 2nd May 2012, Mujahedeen have changed their military tactics. They started brave offensive operations. They made the ground as warm as oven for the invaders and their puppet militias. They made them so confused that now they cannot find the exit.

The astonishing thing is the defense secretary of United States Mr. Leon Panetta who was has also worked as the head of the C.I.A. gives contradictory statements and his acts are not lucid. On 28th May he said to IBC television in an interview that we will have permanent presence in Afghanistan and we not go anywhere from Afghanistan. But a day earlier in the same month he said to the Washington Post newspaper that we not have permanent presence in Afghanistan after 2012.

In the first week of the current month June the defense secretary of America went on a tour of the Pacific region and Vietnam and India were his main stations. America wants to send her military ships to the Pacific region to destabilize the regional peace because the American history has proved that it seeks its benefits in others loss.

The interesting thing is that the defense secretary for the first time visited the army base which was their military centre during the Vietnam War to find some clues of the 1200 missing troops. The reason of the search of the missing persons after 40 years is also Afghanistan as they have pushed the American nation into another tragedy because of their obstinacy and irrational politics.

The above mentioned notorious secretary arrived on 5th June to New Delhi with the hope the host country will welcome their demand to come to Afghanistan because we have now tamed the war. But as it is said they tried to deceive even a cleverer one; because the Indian people and their authorities are observing this illicit war for the last 12 years and they are aware of the Afghan nation and their demands.

Although full details of negotiations have not come out to the press but it seems that the host’s answer was negative. The forth mentioned secretary moved empty handed towards Kabul without gaining any success or progress in his efforts. He spent 3 days in India to transfer the heavy burden to their shoulders, to find an exit and to flee from Afghanistan. Some reliable media sources said that the Indian authorities did not pay heed to demands and showed their reservations, because the Indians know or they should know that the Americans are grinding their own axe. It (the U.S.) has very long history and experience in changing its loyalties. They (the Americans) always chase their vested interests and have never cared for others interests nor for their miseries.

No doubt that India is a significant country in the region, but is also worth mentioning that they have full information about Afghanistan because they know each other very well in the long history. They are aware of the Afghans’ aspirations, creeds and love for freedom. It is totally illogical they should plunge their nation into a calamity just for the American pleasure.

The Islamic Emirate has repeated announced in its statements and declarations that we want to have cordial relations on the basis of sovereignty, equality, mutual respect and no interference in each other’s internal affairs. We have made it clear that no one would be allowed to use the Afghan soil for anyone’s detriment.

The Islamic Emirate insists that the solution of the Afghan issue lies in the withdrawal of the external forces and to leave the sovereignty of Afghanistan for Afghans themselves.

Uruzgan – the land of ingrained Jihadi passion-

Thursday, 24 Rajab 1433Thursday, 14 June 2012 13:22Uruzgan is from amongst the central provinces of Afghanistan which shares borders with Kandahar, Helmand, Daikondi, Zabul and Ghazni. It has an area of approximately 22692 square kilometers and is home of nearly four hundred thousand (400,000) people. It is mostly a mountainous region and its people mainly poor like the rest of the population of Afghanistan.

A large chunk of Uruzgan was split back in 2004 and turned into an independent province (Daikondi) so therefore it is now made up of 5 districts namely Khas Uruzgan, Dahrawod, Chora, Char China and Chinartu with a provincial capital named Tarinkot city which is commonly referred to as ‘Terai’ in the local dialect.

Uruzgan province is an important Jihadi region of the Mujahideen in terms of Jihadi operations against the Americans just as it served an impregnable front against the Soviets, causing them immense losses. From the day the head of the stooge Kabul regime, Hamid Karzai was propped up by the intelligence forces of America in Dahrawod district and began their armed actions against the Islamic Emirate until today, Jihad has been successfully forging ahead in Uruzgan province and has picked up steam and cohesiveness with the passing of each year.

Even at this very moment, the Jihadi structures of Islamic Emirate are actively engaged in their duties in Uruzgan provincial capital as well as in all its districts. Darwaishaan, Sarmarghab and Marabad wide regions of the capital Tarinkot are important areas under the influence of Mujahideen where the enemy forces are regularly targeted with explosives, missiles and ambushes. Besides this, the Mujahideen also carry out various other guerilla attacks inside the city center including general large scale operations, martyrdom operations as well as targeted killings which has resulted in the elimination key enemy figures. In the past two months a famous contractor working for the Americans Daar Ahmadullah, intelligence officer Hashim Khan, former senator Khairullah Khan, enemy commander Tor Jan and other government officials have also been taken out in the various operations.

Dahrawod district is the only region of Uruzgan where the enemy exercises some form of power and which is not under the full control of Mujahideen. Other district like Chora, Khas Uruzgan and Char Chino are under the complete control of Mujahideen except the district centers and some roads. Since the enemy has failed in the past decade to extend its power beyond provincial capitals despite repeatedly using all its might therefore it is expending in energies in creating ‘Arbakis’ (militias) in the rural areas to confront Mujahideen. Just as in most of the other parts of Afghanistan, this program of the enemy has also faltered miserably in Uruzgan province. These same Arbarkis which were created in some areas with great expenditures are now defecting to the Mujahideen and are surrendering all their weapons and provisions.

The spokesperson of Mujahideen in Uruzgan province (Muhammad Asif) states that the Jihadi condition in the province is very reassuring. Only referring to the month of March, he says (I want to make a mention of the month of March in terms of Jihadi operation as an example even though that particular month is quite cold weather wise however the enemy was still targeted quite a lot and was not given any respite. 35 large and small scale attacks were launched against the enemy in that month which resulted in the death of 56 internal and 18 foreign troops while 25 others were wounded. 15 various types of enemy military hardware was also taken out whereas the enemy was forced to vacated 5 check posts while 1 was completely uprooted by the Mujahideen. 14 Arbakis also surrendered themselves and their weapons to the Mujahideen in the period and an enemy unmanned air vehicle was also shot down with a sniper rifle).

The above stated figures clearly show that the prevailing situation in Uruzgan is actually favoring Mujahideen and is quite opposite to what the enemy propaganda tries to portray. Since Uruzgan is a mountainous province hence its people have a natural inclination towards religion and Jihad despite the enemy putting its best efforts and focus on trying to avert the peoples Jihadi will through propaganda. In reality, it is this ingrained Jihadi passion of the people of Uruzgan and their love for the Mujahideen that is guaranteeing the durability and strengthening of Jihadi operations in this province.

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