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Preeminent Army hospital bars Bibles to Injured soldiers, but Senate OK's military beastiality.

It’s an Obama World… Walter Reed Hospital Bars Family Members From Bringing Bibles to Injured Soldiers


Senate Approves Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military


Israel Concerned by Islamist Success in Egyptian Vote


Obama Spent $200M on Egypt Election


Iran moves on from "Destroy Israel!" to "Destroy all the Jews!"


Krauthammer: Obama has done more to undermine Israel’s position in the world than any other president


Russia delivers anti-ship missiles to Syria

Missiles that "allow coverage of entire Syrian coastline" reportedly delivered in accordance with 2007 contract.

Shocker… Liberal Youth Behind Arab Spring Stunned After Islamists Win Majority in Egyptian Elections


GOP Chairman: Tacoma mayor should apologize for calling Republicans “racist”



‘Fast and Furious’ Not Holder’s First Controversy Involving the Murder of an American Citizen
by Bob McCarty

While some in the news media say Eric Holder’s involvement in the controversial ATF gun-running program known as Operation Fast and Furious is “only the tip of the iceberg,” Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue says he “was way ahead of

the curve” in pointing out the attorney general’s involvement in shady activities. He points to a scathing 4-page letter (PDF) he sent to Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) Dec. 19, 2008, as proof.....


DOJ says our local schools can now discriminate based on skin color, 4 years after the SCOTUS slapped them down

School districts can use race in decision-making, feds say

The federal government Friday issued new guidelines affirming that school districts can use race to help integrate schools.


Issa: Holder Justice Department Is Laundering Drug Cartel Cash


taxpayer funded bus refuses Buy American ad as "too political"

In about-face, Metro decides to run 'Buy American' ads


Should burping at school be a criminal offense?


Anti-Gun Brady Bunch Sherriff Arrested for Dealing Meth


Caterpillar to Build Diesel Engine Plant in India


Alstom Opens First Brazil Wind Turbine Plant
The plant will have a production capacity of 300 MW.

pic: Akhmadinajihad with racist scumbag Da Silva

Obama Administration Sends Weapons Contract to Foreign Company with Ties to IRAN


Attorney General Eric Holder Blames Americans for Gun-Running


Legless man denied wheelchair
Local health authority 'uncertain if the impairment was permanent'


NHS patient records may be shared with private companies

David Cameron to argue that giving NHS data to life science researchers will make it easier to develop and test new drugs


#Occupy Protester Found Dead in Texas – Death Toll at 8, Including 2 Murders

guy holds "Occupy somewhere else" sign, is beaten by 5 Occupy dirtballs who then flee back to the squalid camp

Police: Anti-Occupy Seattle protester beaten near SCCC


Union Whose PAC Spent $27M to Elect Obama Organizing 'Occupy' Encampment at Capitol


Police Reportedly Went Undercover To Watch Occupy L.A.


TSA enforces "replica gun" policy banning a stitched purse embroidery design of a pistol......IT'S A FARKING REPLICA, IT MIGHT BE REAL BUT WE ARE NOT SURE SO WE HAVE TO BAN IT.


Police to Bellevue Nordstrom gunman: We're coming after you


Feds: Seattle welfare recipient lives in million dollar home


Figures… #Occupy DC Hero Soldier Got Kicked Out of Military for Smoking Dope



Just 31% of California students pass P.E. test
California schools Supt. Tom Torlakson seeks to improve the results by having celebrity athletes promote fitness. Recent budget problems have cut into funding for sports programs.


Pelosi Plans on Releasing Dirt on Newt… “When the Time is Right”

Obama Lectures America: Keep Christ’s Words in Our Deeds this Christmas… Then He Jets Off to Hawaii For 17 Days


Islamists Chuck Stones at Liberal Demonstrators Protesting Against Extremism in Tunisia (Video)

Shell oil pulls out of Iran


Judge: Wash. must restrict refineries' emissions

Washington must restrict greenhouse gas emissions from the state's five oil refineries and possibly other industries under a federal judge's ruling Friday.


Judge: DSHS owes $96 million to caregivers

A Thurston County judge on Friday found that the Department of Social and Health Services owes about 22,000 in-home health-care workers $96 million in back pay and accrued interest.

liberal media covers for these state union employees with, "You'd expect it to be? tens of millions?....Only $400 was taken."

nobody would expect tens of millions...public trust is the issue for this PUBLIC UTILITY

3 Seattle Public Utilities employees fired

The Seattle Public Utilities agency fired three employees Friday and suspended a fourth for tampering with billing records.

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