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U.S. soldiers play 'video prank' on Iraqi motorist - by planting a LIVE grenade in his car
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Now that the American mission in Iraq is officially over, some videos showing U.S. soldiers pranking Iraqis - and vice versa - for fun have come to light.

The below video was uploaded on to YouTube by a U.S. soldier and shows troops hiding a live grenade in an Iraqi's car before 'finding' it and - after the popular MTV show Punk'd - pranking him.

The Iraqis have a similar reality show, 'Put Him in Camp Bucca', where fake bombs are planted in celebrities' cars - only for them to be found and the stars tricked in to thinking they will be jailed for terrorism.

The man who uploaded this video, where a live grenade was used, was Sergeant Leo Dunson.

The description that runs next to the video reads: 'This is my partner and I working at a Traffic control point in Iraq.

'We decided to scare one of the locals a bit by placing a grenade in his trunk while he wasn't looking.

'This was all in fun and never in any intent to harm anyone.'

In an interview with War News Radio, Dunson explained why he posted the video. He said: 'I got the one video of us playing MTV Punk'd.

'When we were over there we were playing all sorts of jokes, here and there, having fun.

'I didn't want people to think that we were just over there and that we hated all of them.'

Only last week did President Barack Obama end the U.S. combat mission in Iraq, declaring no victory after seven years of bloodshed, and telling Americans and the world: 'It is time to turn the page.'

He said the United States 'has paid a huge price' to give Iraqis the chance to shape their future.

The toll includes more than 4,400 U.S. troops dead and many more Iraqis, tens of thousands more Americans wounded, and hundreds of billions of dollars spent.

Obama is keeping up to 50,000 troops in Iraq for support and counterterrorism training, and the last forces are not due to leave until the end of 2011 at the latest.

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