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Obamacare - How Your Private Medical Information Can Be Used Against You

Video Courtesy of ABC10/KXTV (Christina Mendonsa) and is used for the explicit purpose of critique and education as defined in 17 U.S.C. § 107.

How your information can be used without your consent under The Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare.

This is in response to some of the misguided information found in the comment section of this post.;amp;comments=1

Information you should know:

Lawsuit Claims IRS Improperly Seized 60 Million Medical Records

"According to the complaint, the records that the IRS agents accessed without authorization include data on:

-Gynecological counseling;

-Psychological counseling;

-andSexual and drug treatment, among other medical treatment data.

FICO Medical Adherence Score

Permitted PHI Disclosures Without Authorization

The Privacy Rule permits a covered entity to use and disclose PHI, with certain limits and protections, for TPO activities [45 CFR § 164.506]. Certain other permitted uses and
disclosures for which authorization is not required follow. Additional requirements and conditions apply to these disclosures. The Privacy Rule text and OCR guidance should be consulted for a full understanding of the following:

-Required by law. Disclosures of PHI are permitted when required by other laws, whether federal, tribal, state, or local.

-Public health. PHI can be disclosed to public health authorities and their authorized agents for public health purposes including but not limited to public health surveillance, investigations, and interventions.

-Health research. A covered entity can use or disclose PHI for
research without authorization under certain conditions, including 1) if
it obtains documentation of a waiver from an institutional review board
(IRB) or a privacy board, according to a series of considerations; 2) for activities
preparatory to research; and 3) for research on a decedent's information.

-Abuse, neglect, or domestic violence. PHI may be disclosed to
report abuse, neglect, or domestic violence under specified

-Law enforcement. Covered entities may, under specified
conditions, disclose PHI to law enforcement officials pursuant to a
court order, subpoena, or other legal order, to help identify and locate
a suspect, fugitive, or missing person; to provide information related to a victim of a crime or a death that may have resulted from a crime, or to report a crime.

-Judicial and administrative proceedings. A covered entity may disclose PHI in the
course of a judicial or administrative proceeding under specified

-Cadaveric organ, eye, or tissue donation purposes.
Organ-procurement agencies may use PHI for the purposes of facilitating

-Oversight. Covered entities may usually disclose PHI to a health oversight agency for oversight activities authorized by law.

-Worker's compensation. The Privacy Rule permits disclosure of work-related health information as authorized by, and
to the extent necessary to comply with, workers' compensation programs.

Pay attention to the last two sentences of this:

"The Affordable Care Act creates new opportunities for diversion and intervention at each point along the continuum of criminal justice systems, specifically during early diversion decision-making, court problem-solving strategies,and alternatives to incarceration. The act may potentially affect the level of correctional health care provided and will have major ramifications for the reentry process. Additionally, the act places increased attention on improving the health of uninsured and underinsured individuals across the nation. As one of the largest catchment areas for individuals with mental health and substance use disorders, infectious diseases, and chronic health conditions, the criminal justice system should be informed and integrated into state health care reform planning and implementation efforts (CSG, 2011)."

There is a lot of information about the ACA that people are unaware of, and most, if not all of the information is spread between multiple agencies making it difficult to find, let alone understand. This is just a small sampling of how your medical information will be used without your knowledge, so please take the time to review the above links and educate yourself about the unintended consequences of voting on a law no one read.

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