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British People Put Last: Official Report Confirms that EU Expansion Has Caused Wage Drop in Britain

The expansion of the European Union has definitely caused wages to drop in Britain, a new official report by the Migration Policy Institute has revealed.

The report, prepared for the Race Gestapo Equalities and Human Rights Commission, concluded that the “almost unprecedented” arrival of at least 1.5 million Eastern Europeans in Britain drove down the wages of the least well-off British workers.

“Poorer parts of the country may become locked in a vicious circle where the only jobs which are created are low-skilled and likely to be taken by migrants,” the report said.

Furthermore, the Eastern Europeans, fleeing the nightmarish effects of decades of Communism which has economically destroyed their nations’ economies for years to come, often downgrade their “occupational status” when they come to Britain.

This means that professional people who should be working at a far higher level take any job they can in Britain, simply because it pays better than what they can earn at their true educational level back in Eastern Europe.

The result is that British workers who are not as qualified are easily pushed out of the job market by being forced to compete against more highly skilled foreigners.

This fact is reflected in the wage growth disparities highlighted in the report. “Their wages have grown by an average of five percent a year compared with one percent for natives,” the study said.

The research focussed on studies into what it called the “almost unprecedented scale and speed” of migration from Eastern Europe since 2004 when the UK’s labour market was thrown open to workers from Poland and seven other former Eastern Bloc countries.

Most European countries put restrictions on the influx, seeking to protect their nationals from the predictable results. Britain alone refused to protect its own workforce.

“The recent migration may have reduced wages slightly at the bottom end of the labour market, especially for certain groups of vulnerable workers, and there is a risk that it could contribute to a low-skill equilibrium “in some economically depressed areas,” the report said.

* The British National Party is not anti-Eastern European. On the contrary, the party sees in Eastern Europe much of the hope for a resurgent Europe.

But those nations would most certainly object if 1,5 million British people went to their countries and took jobs away from their citizens.

Each and every nation — Eastern European nations included – has the right to protect its workforce.

Britain is no different, and the BNP alone stands for the concept of British jobs for British workers.

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