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Are You Ready For the Coming Chaos?

ARE YOU READY for the One World
World Government?
One World Economy?
One World
Paul McGuire
In this 3-DVD set Paul is a Watchman
warning the people what is about to come and what they can do about it, in
practical terms! Paul exposes the master plan behind the creation of a one world
government, a one world economic system and a one world religion. Our nation and
world are about to experience a cosmic convergence predicted by the ancient
prophets. The Bible tells us "My people perish for lack of
knowledge." Most people do not have any idea about what is about to
happen. There are very few Watchmen to warn them.
Are You Ready for the One World Government?
global government predicted in Revelation is about to rise. This global
government, such as the United Nations, would have its own law and government to
replace the U.S. Constitution and government.

    Are mass food riots, social unrest and chaos being used to create
    a new world order?
    [/*]How are the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations and
    Illuminati involved in this global government?
    [/*]Is it true that a United Nations military force is secretly based
    inside of America?
    [/*]What about the reports of Russian, Chinese and foreign military
    troops stationed in the U.S.?
    [/*]Have members of the National Guard and police picked up radio
    signals from foreign troops that use new radio frequencies that are technically
    banned from U.S. troops, police and the National Guard?[/*]

The Royal Society in England meets to discuss “Weather Control” technology. A
special research report prepared for the Army in “Weather as a Force
Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” was discussed. Are Weather Weapons
already being deployed?
There are numerous technologies that can produce Mass Brainwashing. Is it
true that advertisers and government can read your brainwaves when you are
watching television?
John Dewey is the father of modern education and social engineering through
the school system. Is the real purpose of education to educate or
    How close are we to the prophecy of Ezekiel 38, which involves
    Israel, the Middle East and World War III?
    [/*]Was there really a plan to destroy nationalism and patriotism
    through mass immigration policies that started 50 years ago?
    [/*]Are environmentalism and climate control wealth redistribution
    [/*]Have the elite really made public statements that their end game
    is to turn America into a totalitarian Marxist State like China?
    [/*]Are there laboratories around the world in which transhumanism and
    the interbreeding of animal, human and Nephilim DNA are being used to create
    cyborgs for warfare?
    [/*]Is there an attempt to censor the science of Earthquake
    forecasting? What does the science of Earthquake forecasting say about Japan,
    New Madrid and California?
    [/*]Do the elite plan to destroy over 7.5 billion lives through
    population control, eugenics, vaccines, food, weakening the immune system, wars,
    genocide and sterilization? If so, why?
    [/*]Every move, action and thought you make can be monitored through
    new technology. Are you ready? This DVD offers a personal action plan for you
    and your family. What steps can you take now to occupy until Jesus Christ

Are You Ready for the Coming One World Economic
Are the international bankers controlling government,
media, education, science, military and culture for their purposes?
Is it
true the bankers plan to seize your property, keep its equity and then turn the
nation into renters rather than owners?
This goal has two purposes: (1) Increase the wealth of the bankers by
trillions of dollars. (2) In a Marxist Revolution it is essential to destroy
belief in God, the family and home ownership. The destruction of home ownership
creates the psychological destruction of the human personality as an individual
created by God. It degrades men and women into falsely believing they have any
value. There is no commitment in “marriage” and no belief in God. After this,
people are willing to accept the mark of the beast.
    Why have you not read very much, except in the Wall Street Journal
    and sources like this, that George Soros has a Bretton Woods II Plan and the
    Institute for New Economic Thinking?
    [/*]Why are we not being told about the hidden agenda to create a one
    world economic system where the international bankers control everything?
    [/*]It is hard to believe that a brutal global dictatorship will be
    brought into power through a new world financial order and global taxes?
    [/*]If accomplished, this economic plan will plunge the human race
    into a new Dark Age or Tribulation Period, where a small group of elite seize
    control of the human race who become worthless slaves. Why would anyone want to
    do this? Why would anyone want to do what Adolph Hitler did?
    [/*]Does the Bible really predict a coming cashless society and the
    mark of the beast?
    [/*]Did Lord Jacob Rothschild's 1971 Inter-Alpha Group (whose family
    line included both banking and the Illuminati) create much of the financial
    chaos in order to move forward their agenda?
    [/*]Will the current global financial policies lead us into the
    Tribulation Period?
    [/*]Did Lord Bertrand Russell, atheist and Fabian Socialist, call for
    nuclear wars and Black-death like plagues to kill millions?
    [/*]Why was Adolph Hitler promoted by Britain and American interests
    to enforce eugenic policies to kill over 6 million people in the concentration
    camps? There are powerful global interests carrying out those same policies
    [/*]Did Hitler and Russell advocate genocide and euthanasia and the
    “green movement?”
    [/*]Some of the world’s most powerful billionaires have deliberately
    undercut the world’s food production. What action plan can you take to survive
    the Planned World Food Crisis and hyper-inflation?[/*]

Are You Ready for the Coming One World Religion?
highly secretive and occult religious movement is organizing all the religions
in the world into one. This coming one world religion, which is happening before
our very eyes, will provide the spiritual glue to unite the world’s religions
into one so that a one world government and a one world economic system can be
implemented. The elite understand that money is a spiritual force and that is
why we have the all-seeing eye of Lucifer and the words “New World Order” on the
back of the dollar bills.
Millions of children are being indoctrinated into witchcraft and
The Illuminati, founded in 1776, used the Freemasons to spread their power
globally. The Illuminati were behind the French Revolution which produced
anarchy and revolution. The Illuminati unleashed the spirit of antichrist, where
the people held orgies in churches and paraded a topless woman on a horse, who
they called the Goddess of Reason. This was a forerunner of the Communist
Revolution. Karl Marx was a Satanist and the Illuminati manuscript provided the
principles for the Communist Manifesto. The Italian Communist leader, Antonio
Gramsci, had close ties to the Masonic leader, Albert Pike, in America, who
predicted three major world wars. The third world war was to happen in the
Middle East.
The Third Reich and Adolph Hitler were deeply involved in Satanism and the
occult. When the U.S. government brought thousands of Nazi rocketry and mind
control scientists to America after World War II, many of these men and women
were in the occult or practicing Satanists.
Aleister Crowley, who was called the Beast, was a British agent before World
War II who had occult-connections all over Europe. Crowley, whose face is on the
cover of the Beatle’s album "Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band," remains
a powerful influence today. Members of the occult and Satanism have entered the
very highest levels of government, religion and military intelligence around the
Finally, the Evangelical Movement has been infiltrated by leaders who promote
apostasy, spiritual deception and the doctrines of demons. Entire church
movements, popular in Evangelical churches today, are based on occult teachings
and Marxist theory!
This DVD answers the question how you and your family can learn to use
spiritual discernment to protect yourself from being deceived?

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