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Ex-CIA Contractor Says IT'S OVER!-NO 45th President! Author Ron Martin not only thinks this is possible but states that it is already underway albeit not of Muslim design. In 432 jam-packed pages of his newly released book, "It's Over", Martin uses the "fatal sequence" scenario to trace America's story from our roaring beginnings to our whimpering end. "It's Over" touches the untouchable, taboo subjects avoided or glossed-over by all other conservative authors. For the first time, the unspoken thoughts and fears of millions of Americans are laid bare for all to see clearly that we are at the end of empire; white guilt, black racism, Obama's fascist oligarchy, failure of democracy, the coming "killing fields" and the futility of elections. More to the point, Martin calls the 2010 elections merely a placebo placating the masses while Obama circumvents Congress through executive power, alphabet agencies and simple thuggery. Finally, all options are explored and the inescapable conclusion is reached...only a violent overthrow of Obama's fascist regime (and soon) offers any hope of returning our constitutional republic. Link
The Light of the World,Movie(Full Length)

Added: Jul-20-2011 
By: amy2x
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