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Israel produces research and knowledge 5000 times more than the whole Arab world. No Wonder they hate us! No Wonder America needs us!

Taken from Palestine Media.....the trolls here cant say its Jewish propaganda this time!
This is the reason why America needs Israel as an Allie!

Sorry about the errors.....Blame google translation

Date: 14/1/2010 Time: 11:07

Jenin - Firas Press:
Issued by Rabai'a Dr. Khalid Said, a Palestinian researcher from the Center for Informatics Research in Arab-American University in the Palestinian territories on the study of scientific research and patents in the comparison between Israel and all Arab countries, has proved beyond any doubt that Israel has a major edge and a marked all Arab countries in addition to preparing scientists on both sides.
Search Results confirmed beyond reasonable doubt of Israeli superiority in the field of science and technology to all Arab countries, Israeli universities have been centers of advanced at the global level by international classifications, especially the Hebrew University, which ranked 64 in the world, while no mention of any of the universities Arab League in the first five hundred.
And that there are nine Israeli scientists have won Nobel Prizes, while the Arabs won 6 awards, three of them politically motivated, including the Egyptian scientist Ahmed Zewail, who received the award on his research in U.S. universities.
As Israel will spend on scientific research spending twice as much in the Arab world, where the total amount spent in Israel to non-military scientific research, equivalent to about 9 billion dollars, according to data 2008.
For the number of scientists, the sources said UNESCO Hnlk about 124 thousand researchers Arab, while the estimate of the number of scientists and Israeli researchers, about 24 people, and other sources reported the presence of about 90 thousand scientists and engineers working in scientific research and manufacture of advanced technology especially micro-electronics and biotechnology.
Israel spending amounted to 4.7% of national output on research, and this represents the highest proportion of spending in the world, while Arab countries are spending $ 0.2% of national income and the Arab States in Asia spends only 0.1% of their GDP on scientific research.
As for patents, Indicators are more diverse between the Arabs and Israel, Israel has recorded amounted to 16805 patents, while the Arabs as a whole record about 836 patents in all the history of their lives, which represents 5% of the number of patents registered in Israel.
According to UNESCO reports also said the number of patents registered in Israel in 2008, amounting to 1166 than that produced by the Arabs on their lives, a 836 patent.
As for the books and books published, have also reported data available to it in Israel was formed and the 6866 publication of a book while composing the Arabs are an estimated 10,000 books annually. As for the dissemination of scientific research in journals have been published Israeli researchers 138.881 search arbitrator, and the dissemination of about 140,000 Arabs discuss an arbitrator. Although the number of papers in proximity, said Jawdat and quality of the Israeli higher than the Arab research, and this can be inferred from the number of quotations for such research, and plants (H) which reflects the productivity of a particular State for Science and the impact of the science of human knowledge. The number of citations for research Arabia amounted to 620,000 marks, while the number of Israeli research quotes quote 1,721,735, with an efficiency factor (H) 293 to Israel amounted to an average of about 40 Arab countries.
Scientific research and its expenditure, Know that scientific research on a range of activities, techniques and tools to look at the events surrounding that aims to increase knowledge and harnessed in the development processes of the various aspects of life. Is called scientifically, if adopted to gather enough information resulting from scientific experiments can be measured and checked for accuracy by observation or experiment and classification of outcomes, These will be to develop specific hypotheses to explain these phenomena and other design experiments to test these hypotheses and turn them into theories.
Studies show that the productivity of a dozen researchers Arabs equal to the productivity of one researcher in the international average.
The average number of researchers to the population of the indicators used to refer to the State's interest in scientific research.
In the Arab world there are about 380 researchers per million people is an Arab and on the grounds that holders of doctorates and teachers in universities Mahsopon researchers.
While the ratio was about 4000 researchers per million people in the United States of America. Peleg, this indicator about 499 researchers per million people in developing countries 3598 Researcher per million people in developed countries. Ie the proportion of Arab researchers to the number of the population are the lowest in all countries of the world.
Either in terms of number of researchers in UNESCO's report did not mention specifically the number of researchers in Israel explicitly, but noted that the percentage Balencnp countries of the world is about 0.4% when taking into account that the number of researchers in the world is estimated at about 7,093,600 researcher, researchers found that the number of Israelis is estimated at 28.374 Researcher. The Arab countries combined by the UNESCO report the number of researchers to $ 124,000 by the researcher, and this amount represents about 1.8% of the number of researchers in the world.
When consulting with a number of Israeli outposts, some pointed out that this number could be much more than what is published in the UNESCO report.
Reference to some sources, the proportion of scientists and researchers to the number of population is 145 per 10000 people, or 14500 per million people this equates to almost three times the rate in the United States or Japan.
As for the Arab world amount to the proportion of these scientists in Israel to the population about 37 times that number in the Arab world.
According to those sources that there are around 90 thousand scientists, engineers, a large section of them in research and technology industry.
State spending on scientific research Million dollars, compared with what is spent in Israel
Egypt (2007) 927.917 10%
Jordan (2004) 60,403 0.6%
Kuwait (2005) 111.357 1.2%
Morocco (2006) 761.726 7.4%
Saudi Arabia (2007) 273.072 3.0%
Sudan (2005) 179.085 2.0%
Tunisia (2005) 660.607 7.0%
PA 11.5 0.12%
The Arab countries combined 4,700.000 53%
Israel (2007) 8,817.635
Source: UNESCO report on Science and Technology 2008
Israel will spend on scientific research to $ 0.8 -1.0%, which was spent in the entire world spends all the Arab countries amounted to 0.4% of expenditures in the world that is, Israel spends more than twice what is spent in the Arab countries combined scientific research and development.
Israel will spend on scientific research amounted to 4.7% of gross national product, while the Arab world spends 0.2% of gross national product on scientific research.
And Israel is the highest country in the world as a whole in terms of the proportion of spending on scientific research of the GNP.
United States of America spends about 2.7% of their gross national product, Britain 1.8% and Germany about 2.6%.
Fewer countries in the world spending on scientific research are Arab nations, especially those in Asia, did not exceed its spending on scientific research, 0.1% of national output, less five times the proportion of African countries should spend 0.5% of gross national product, according to the UNESCO report, 2008.
In all of the Arab countries spend on research and development spending almost half of Israel, although the total Arab GDP 11 times the GDP in Israel, and the space is 649 times.
As for per capita spending on scientific research has Israel ranked first in the world by 1272.8 U.S. dollars and came in second place United States of America and spent about U.S. $ 1205.9 III with Japan by U.S. $ 1153.3.
The Arab countries have made a hundred times less than Israel in terms of per capita expenditure on scientific research and spent an average of 14.7 dollars a year on the individual, and the Arab States in Asia, including oil-rich per capita was U.S. $ 11.9, equal to what countries spend African classified Bafiqirp too, has a per capita amounted to $ 9.4.
The table below Alfdr between the proportion of spending on scientific research.
State percentage of gross national expenditure per capita spending on scientific research (U.S. $)
Israel 4.7% 1272.8
Japan 3.4% 1153.3
European countries 1.8% 531
North America 2.6% 1205.9
Latin American 0.6% 58.4
Developed countries 2.3% 710
Developing countries 1.0% 58.5
Arab States 0.2% 14.7
Arab States in Asia 0.1% 11.9
African countries 0.5% 9.4
The global average of 1.7% 170
Palestine * 0.3% (Central Bureau of Statistics Palestinian) 2.9
Source: UNESCO Report of the Science and Technology, 2008. the Palestinian side has been obtained from the Central Bureau of Statistics.
In Palestine, bringing the total spending on scientific research by Central Bureau of Statistics Palestinian was $ 11.5 million more than 65% of this amount is the assistance of donors and the Palestinian Authority's participation in the total sum in the year 2007 amounted to 3.9%, lower than half a million dollars.
Brat patents registered in the world
Regarding the volume of production of knowledge in Arab countries, a study suggests that the total number of patents registered in the Arab world in 20 years between 1980 and 2000 that the Arabs got together on the 370 patents while South Korea scored only 57968 patent, patents were obtained Arab states about 500 patents, while Israel received a total of 16805, and Japan had 725,866 and Germany 313,078.
State Total 2008 global ranking
United States 157.772 4,380,724 1
Japan 33682 725.866 2
Germany 8915 313.078 3
United Kingdom 3094 129762 4
South Korea 7549 57968 8
Israel 1166 16805 14
The Arab countries combined 71 836
Luxembourg 24 974
Malaysia 152 947
Saudi Arabia 30 310 46
Egypt 2 113 60
Kuwait 15 103 61
Lebanon 2 70 65
Morocco 4 70 66
United Arab Emirates 9 57 74
Tunisia 2 23 95
Jordan 0 21 97
Syria 0 20 99
Algeria 0 13 104
Iraq 1 10 114
Oman 5 2 119
Sudan 0 7 120
Bahrain 0 4 131
Libya 0 4 135
Qatar 1 4 138
The above table shows the number of patents as they are registered in the U.S. Department of registration of inventions throughout history, as Hncip inventor of the first in the list of inventors.
Notes from the statistics that the number of Israeli patents registered to the Israelis, which is around 16805 is twenty times that of patents registered by all the inventors Arabs as a whole.
In the past year seems the situation has not improved, scoring Israelis Almokhtroon 1166 inventions and inventors record Arabs gathered about 71 patents.
Is striking that about 40% of these inventions have been registered in Saudi Arabia and more than 20% of them were registered to inventors from the State of Kuwait, where statistics show an improvement relative numbers of patents for the Saudis in particular.
To express the size of the inventions Scantier enough to point out that the number of inventions registered for a country like Luxembourg, which has a population of less than half a million people and an area of less than 1000 square miles had registered a total of 974 patents, while the Arab countries combined recorded 836 invention.
These figures and data are not only evidence of the low production of Arab scientific research but also the low efficiency of Arab researchers, compared with researchers from developed countries and Israel.
Israel has spent about twice what the Arabs spent on scientific research but produced in the past year 20 times what scientists produced inventions of the Arabs as a whole.
If the number of inventions and distributed on the number of Arab researchers to the share of each invention to $ 1759 a researcher, either in the case of Israel has gone to the efforts of the invention per about 24 researchers on average.
In other words, the efficiency of Israeli scholar more than seventy times the efficiency of Arab researcher.
The cost has been assigned the patent what the Arabs one of ten times as much as a gesture to the Israelis.
عدد المؤلفات والكتب The number of books and books.
To demonstrate the depth of the tragedy experienced by the Arab world is enough to point out that the number of books translated into Arabic in a thousand years, an estimated 10,000 book is equal to what Spain translates in one year only.
The world says Ahmed Zewail Nobel Laureate in chemistry that the production of the Arab world, human knowledge does not exceed 0.0002% of the world, while Israel produced 1.0% of the global knowledge means that Israel produces research and knowledge of 5000 times more than the Arab world.
The table below shows the number of papers have been published in journals and the global conferences of the Court between 1996 and Lamy in 2007.
Table the number of Libyans published papers, and the number of research and then quoted the total number of quotations for such research.
Table also indicates the coefficient (H) which reflects the effectiveness of the State in the production of knowledge, and the impact that science and knowledge production in science and human knowledge.
Israel ranked 14 among states in the research, advice and published in the ten years between 2007 and 1996, 138.881 in search, and there were 1,721,735 of such research, quote, which means that they research the quality of the first class. The Israel has got 293 points on the scale factor (H), a result that put them in the refineries developed countries such as Britain, France and Germany.
State the number of published papers by the number of research quoted number of citations
United States 3,916,572 3,731,237 63,589,350 959
Japan 1,117,198 1,097,676 10,495,122 453
United Kingdom 1,114,601 1,032,672 14,946,918 578
South Korea 272.646 269.343 1,721,735 204
Turkey 146.970 140.069 674.441 126
Israel 138.881 134.055 1,773,976 293
Egypt 41.614 41.129 188.598 85
Saudi Arabia 23.810 22.870 109.497 81
Tunisia 14.418 14.084 49.929 56
Morocco 14.209 13.881 65.974 63
Algeria 9.371 9.305 31.831 53
Jordan 9.072 8.978 35.768 47
Kuwait 7.735 7.592 39.035 55
United Arab Emirates 7.462 7.188 31.980 51
Lebanon 6,357 5,955 35,200 58
Oman 3.687 3.516 15.092 39
Syria 1.845 1.814 10.890 37
Palestine 1.042 1.025 4.016 24
Yemen 642 625 2.688 23
The Arab countries have a total research published about 140,00 approximately the same number Mashwar in Israel, but with the difference of quality determined by the number of citations of that research.
The total number of citations for research about 620,000 Arab quotation for quotation 1,773,735 almost any quotes about three times each Arab research advice.
As for the books, the author addresses When taking into account the size of the copyright in all subjects, including the scientific, technological, and according to available statistics from UNESCO, the volume of production of those books about 6866 titles.
While the volume of production Arab society for the years available to UNESCO:
A list of numbers of books that have been authored in the year indicated in the table
United Kingdom (2005) 206,000
United States (2005) 172,000
China (2007) 136.226
Germany (2007) 96,000
Spain (2008) 86.300
South Korea (1996) 30.487
Israel (2006) 6,866
Lebanon 3686
Egypt (1995) 2,215
Syria 1800
Algeria 670
Morocco 918
Jordan 511
Palestine 114
The table above indicates that the volume of production of literature in the Arab world a little more than the size of the production of books or writing in Israel.
Here it must be pointed out that Lebanon tops the list of Arab countries, which have produced books, followed by Egypt and Syria.
Here it should be noted that Hnlk some Arab countries not included in the UNESCO data, such as Saudi Arabia.|en&u=

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