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WW2 Surviving Panzers - Sherman M4 Ic Vc Firefly 17 Pounder gun TANKS - Guide list with photos

credit goes to Pierre-Olivier &
This website was created to share information about remaining German tanks of WW2. some of the most important contributors to this website :# Rafał Białęcki# "Sander D"# Jens Hill# Alex Pankov# Andreas Platte# Stephen Drew# The guys from the "AFV News Discussion Board" and "Achtung Panzer!" forums Walter Schwabe All the other contributors (and they are so many) that I didn't referred to here, please forget me not to have listed everybody. Authors : Pierre-Olivier Buan etc.

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list is not 100% . for more infos VISIT superb web link above. cheers . petr.
The British received far more M4 medium tanks, approximately 17,000 (roughly 34% of all M4s
produced), than any other Allied nation. The British practice of naming American tanks after
American Civil War generals was continued, giving it the name General Sherman after Union
General William Tecumseh Sherman, usually shortened to Sherman. The US later adopted the
name and the practice of naming tanks after generals.
In British usage, Sherman I=M4, Sherman II=M4A1 and so on. Additional letters denoted other
features; A for 76 mm M1/M1A2 L/55 gun, B for the 105 mm M4 L/22.5 howitzer, C for the OQF
17 Pounder gun, and Y for the wider tracked HVSS type suspension.
As a result, the Sherman Firefly tanks were named this way :
-Sherman Ic - M4 with an OQF 17 Pounder gun
-Sherman Hybrid Ic - Sherman Ic with composite hull (cast front, welded rear) and a 17 Pdr gun
-Sherman Vc - M4A4 with an OQF 17 Pounder gun.
Royal Museum of the Armed Forces, Brussels (Belgium) Hartebeespoort Snake Park (South Africa) Museu do Exército Argentino, Buenos Aires (Argentina) Private collection, Wommelgem Klein-Willebroek Caserma "Passalacqua", Verona (Italy) Caserma "De Carli", Cordenòns National Museum of Military History
Johannesburg (Republic of South Africa) School of Armour Museum, Tempe Bloemfontein War Memorial, Bethlehem Axvall (Sweden) Bovington Tank Museum (UK) Ducht Cavalerie Museum, Amersfoort (Netherlands) Brussels (Belgium) Royal Museum of the Armed Forces Marche-En-Famenne Remember Museum 39-45, Thimister-Clermont Tielt Bentivoglio Bruno & C. Snc, Via della Bufalotta
Casal Boccone, Rome Piana delle Orme Museum AFVs scrapyard in Tyre barracks,Tyre (Lebanon) Monument for the fallen of the 3rd Airborne Artillery Regiment in the
1982 war, Cordoba (Argentina) Museo Storico dei Carristi, Rome Sandstone Heritage Trust Hermeton-sur-Meuse (Former) Sherman Vc "Battling Annie" Mopertingen Near the Police Station, Hechtel Railway Station, Leopoldsburg Aberdeen U.S. Army Ordnance Museum, MD (USA) Staman International Trading, Nijverdal Groot Schietveld Range, Brasschaat hull -- Kevin Wheatcroft Collection (UK) Durbuy Firefly turret w/o gun on M4A3 HVSS -- Auto & Technik Museum, Sinsheim (Germany) IJssel Line, Olst Hotton Sacrario Caduti di Montelungo Arnhem War Museum, Schaarsbergen

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