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Female Israeli soldiers disciplined for 'unbecoming behaviour' after posing for pictures dressed only in their underwear and combat fatigues

Group of women are said to be new recruits based in southern Israel .
Pictures show them dressed only in their underwear and combat fatigues .
Israeli military said they were disciplined for their 'unbecoming behaviour'.

Dressed only in their underwear and provocatively holding weapons for the camera, they appear to be having a great time posing for photographs in their barracks room.

But four Israeli female soldiers have now been disciplined by the country's military for their 'unbecoming behaviour' after the raunchy pictures were posted on Facebook.

The images, published on Israeli news website Walla, showed the soldiers removing their fatigues to expose their underwear and backsides.

In another, five women posed in what appeared to be a barracks room, dressed only in helmets and a small amount of combat equipment.

Walla, which blurred the faces of the women, said they were new recruits stationed on a base in southern Israel.

The incident is the latest in a string of episodes involving young Israeli soldiers on social media that have drawn reprimand from the military.

In a statement, the military said the women had acted in a manner showing 'unbecoming behaviour' for Israeli soldiers, adding: 'The commanding officers disciplined the soldiers as they saw fitting.'

The statement did not identify the soldiers or give any details about the punishments. Military officials said the base conducted educational lectures to keep soldiers from repeating the offence.

Several times in recent years, the Israeli military has disciplined soldiers for what were considered improper postings in social media sites.

Last year, the social media chief for the Israel Defence Force was branded 'racist' after posting a picture on Facebook of his face covered in mud alongside the caption 'Obama style'.

Lt. Sacha Dratwa faced a barrage of abuse for the picture, which appeared to show him swimming in the Dead Sea, and denied he was racist.

A male Israeli soldier was also condemned after being filmed dancing suggestively around a blindfolded Palestinian woman in a video posted to YouTube in 2010.

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Here in Israel, the reactions to images of soldiers range from upset and angry reactions, and those who think everyone is completely exaggerated and IDF soldiers are allowed to have a little fun. Surfs Facebook wrote: "just a disgrace to his name!Not describe the shame and disgust. People forget why they are in the military and why it exists! How can you have such a lack of respect instead is all right, honor, and values? How far Ndrdr? Values ​​underwear for soldiers / these soldiers. Literally and figuratively. "

In contrast, Halali Jabotinsky wrote a column that she thought the soldiers should receive a medal - good because there are pictures showing the IDF as it really is: "You can not expect the army to encourage soldiers to pose seductive poses, but you have to admit - instead more photos of war, better world will see pictures of soldiers doing nonsense. " course to remember yet known whether these soldiers themselves who published the pictures, or a third party, so the issue of privacy, also entered a substantive reason.

It is possible that the phenomenon of spreading nude photos of the soldiers is part of the global phenomena invasion army ranks similarly distributing humorous clips of soldiers YouTube. shall we? true scandal or story blown out of proportion?

IDF Spokesperson: "The picture is contrary to the values ​​and behavior expected of IDF soldiers of the IDF. The picture was taken in the first days after the enlistment of soldiers were treated in the command channel. Base was extensive propaganda activities to instill the IDF norms and prevent similar incidents in the future. Contrasts picture IDF values ​​and behavior expected of IDF soldier.

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