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Worst Mass Murders In U.S. History
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With the recent explosion of coverage on shootings and potential shootings, one would come to the conclusion that the worst mass murder ever committed was with a gun. Some media outlets report the Virginia Tech massacare as one of the deadliest in American history:

"the Virginia Tech massacre of 2007, the worst mass murder in U.S. history at that time"

"The Newtown, Conn., shootings, with 28 dead, exceeded the 1991 Luby's massacre in Killeen to become the second deadliest mass murder in US history"

The media's chance to pass propaganda off as truth has become sickening especially during these last few days(like their inate ability to differentiate from an assault rifle and a machine gun). These people would have you believe that guns are the problem and not the person who made the decision to do these things. Yes we know guns are the main choice in most mass murders in America , killers in countries where civilians tend to be armed show a slight preference for guns. Swiss and American murderers use guns simply because they’re around. South Korean, Chinese and British murderers don’t have guns freely available, so they use knives. People are going to kill whether that be with a gun, a knife, a bomb, or fire. Not counting the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the top three worst mass murders were accomplished w/o the use of a gun. Counting 9/11 the top 2 out of 5 mass murders were committed using airplanes

9/11/2001: 2998 weapon of choice: airliner

4/19/1995: 168 weapon of choice: explosives

3/ 25/1990: 87 weapon of choice: a match and two cans of gas

5/18/1927: 45 weapon of choice explosives

12/7/1987: 43 weapon of choice: airliner

Guns arent the problem its society and how we deal with these potential killers. Also how the media deals with and portrays these shooters should be addressed to. Most of these shooters are people who were weidros or social outcast. In the medias quest for ratings and viewers, they give these shooters the attention they seek and possibly encouraging others to be like the Lanzas and Loughners of American history. Here is a test for just how much attention shooters and killers like these recieve. Are you ready? OK Here is the challenge: Name one victim from the VT massacares off the top of your head(No Google, No Wiki) or name two people from the Columbine shooting not named Eric or Dylan.

RIP to all the vitcims involved in these tragic, senseless acts of violence and desperation.

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