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Why David Letterman Hates Sarah Palin and why his wife is a Butter Face!

The Top 10 Reasons David Letterman's wife is a butter Face!!! Why he hates Sarah Palin
By Michael Ferrari
I used to like David Letterman back in the old days at NBC. But over the past few years he has turned into a Keith Olberman wannabe. A spigot spewing excrement for the far left wing of New Age Nazi's. So he has been bashing Sarah Palin for months now and love her (I do) Or hate her you have to accept that she put herself into the public eye so she can be considered fair game. However last night on his show he joked about the Governors daughter being knocked up by A Rod. When you get into bashing the kids of politicians then you have crossed the line.

Lets put the cards on the table here. Why is Sarah Palin so hated by the left? Two Words.' Smokin Hot!" thats right. She is a somking hot MILF and she is a conservative. Just look at who the left has. Jenene Garafalo. Yeah She's hot if you are into that greasy no shower body odor, armpit hair type. How about "Her Thighness" Hillary or maybe Nancy Pelosi or even Whoppie Goldberg. Oh yeah they are babes.

But David Letterman is living in the proverbial glass house and shouldn't be throwing any stones. Take a look at the middle picture up top! That beast is his wife!!! Yikes. How about the picture of both of them together. Makes you want to throw change at them like the homeless on Santa Monica Blvd. Now if Letterman had a rock star wife then I would say sure go ahead and throw your stones. But when you are married to Sasquatch you are in no position to call out a woman because she is a smokin hot MILF!!! So Dave i guess you like to dish it out and I sure hope you can take it. Here is my top ten reasons why I think your wife is Soooooo Ugly!!!!!!

10. David Letterman’s wife is so ugly when she joined the ugly contest they refused her. “Sorry no professionals.

9. David Letterman’s wife is so ugly they filmed Gorillas in the mist in “Her Shower.”

8. David Letterman’s wife is so ugly when she goes into a bank they turn off the surveillance cameras.

7. David Letterman’s wife is so ugly, Even rice crispies won’t talk to her.

6. David Letterman’s wife is so ugly at strip joints the pay her to put her clothes “Back on”

5. David Letterman’s wife is so ugly she looked out the window and got arrested for mooning.

4. David letterman’s wife is so ugly on Halloween the kids trick or treat her by phone.

3. David Letterman’s wife is so ugly they push her face into the dough to make Halloween cookies.

2. David Letterman’s wife is so ugly she makes onions cry.

And the number one Answer:

1. David Letterman’s wife is so ugly it looks like she ran all the way through hungry town with a steak on her face!!!!
HIt it Paul!!!!

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