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Right,Left clash during Nakba day rally held in Tel-Aviv university

Some 200 right wing protestors faced 400 leftist protestors who sought to hold a Palestinian 'Nakba Day' ceremony- commemorating 'disaster' of foundation of State of Israel.

During the ceremony an alternative 'Yizkor' prayer (prayer for the deads) was heard, the participents took one moment of silence and the list of the Arab villages destroyed in 1948 was heard.

Both Jews and Arabs were among the Nakba ceremony participents.

Two protesters,from both sides, were arrested after clashing with each other, and another one was arrested after torching a Palestinian flag.

According to TAU (Tel Aviv university) managment, the event got the aproval of the university and was legal, since "this is a memorial event, and is not calling to violence or other incitment."



Some 200 right wing protestors faced off with 400 leftist protestors who sought to hold a Palestinian [url=/articles/0,7340,L-4221281,00.html]'Nakba Day' [/url]ceremony – commemorating the "disaster" of the foundation of the State of Israel – at Tel Aviv University, Monday.

Three protestors were arrested after the confrontations. The right wing protestors called out at the organizer of the event "Traitor!"

Protestors from the right waved Israeli flags and signs that read: "When I came to Israel there was no Palestinian nation," and "I'm proud to be Israeli," they also sang Israeli songs. They also prevented the ceremony's organizers from speaking and booed them repeatedly.

In addition the right wing protestors shouted: "Death to terrorists," and "terrorists out." One of them burnt a cardboard drawing of a Palestinian flag. Another shouted out: "Murderers, where were you when a little girl was killed." The left wing protestors responded with: "You're the murderers.",7340,L-4228989,00.html,7340,L-4228945,00.html

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