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Having some LL tech issues. Need some help.
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Hey LL. Not a video this time. Just a picture and some questions for you. There have been some things that are happening to me as of late on LL that I wanted to know if I am the only one or is this happening to everyone.

1) Logging in/off issues: I will be logged on, watch a few videos, add a couple of comments then all of the sudden I post a comment or thumb someone up/down and I get a message "permission denied" Then I will have to log back in again. It has always done this to me. Usually once every 30/45 mins, but now it is every 1-3 minutes. Sometime I will get a 502 trying to log back on. I've dealt with this on several of my computers, even changed servers and DNS. Still getting the the issue. Just let me know if This is happening to anyone else and or if there is a way to fix it. I would love to know.

2) Jill33333: What is this about? When I try to submit an item, it keeps trying to submit to Jill33333's channel and not mine. I posted a picture on here so you can see what the deal is. Am I doing something wrong? Am I the only one???

3) Chat: I have been trying to get into chat for some time now. I would of loved to asked about these issues over chat or a forum of sorts but No can do. I get an error once again when I try to chat. I would like to think that LL does not segregate its users by popularity LOL because I would never get into chat. But, if this is the case or any other case I would like to know so I don't keep trying to get in.

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By: Adam Harris
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